A Blog is a Good Place to Rant

July 13, 2009


stomp feet, yell at nothing, scare the dog without meaning to, I’m SOOO frustrated!

Anyway, thought maybe if I spilled it out here, I might feel better.

I have a boat.   I bought a font to use for the name of my boat.    Unfortunately, I can’t find a sign guy who can make it happen!     The first guy I hired got the color right and the font right but went ahead and put it on the boat without me having time to stop him.   It was supposed to be on one line and he thought it wouldn’t fit.   huh?!?!   He broke it into two lines.   I don’t like it!

So, hub being the awesome husband he is says, “go ahead and hire somebody to fix it.”

Well, the first guy I hire to do that (so, I’m onto my second sign guy – are you keeping up?) says that he can’t do purple, he tells me I was stupid and ridiculous to’buy a font’   (RRRrrrrrrrrrr) and then quotes me a price – dependent on if he can get my font to work.

I email him.  He says he can access the font’  All good, right?   Nope.   He undercharged me and tacks on $100 to the bid.   I tell him to go blow.

So, now we’re to the third guy;   he’ll accept my email and see what he can do.   I don’t know what he’s thinking of charging me yet.    It’s been two weeks and I’m getting impatient and want him to go blow, too.    No updates, no news, no contact – nothing.     I call and he tells me he can’t get the font to open!!!

Now I have to interview more boat-sign people and I’m MAD.

WHY is this SO HARD!?!?!??!?!?

Thank you.  This concludes the rant.    (know any awesome boat sign people in Rhode Island, pls drop a comment.)



  1. The reason I didn’t make the first guy fix it is because I was too furious to call him back and I was afraid that he still wouldn’t get it. Don’t tell me business isn’t personal. Just like in You’ve Got Mail, IT’s ALWAYS PERSONAL.

  2. That’s totally ridiculous! I’m a graphic designer, I could layout the words for you, that’s easy, doesn’t matter what the size, color or font is. I just have no way to print it for you, I’m over in Turkey. If you just need a file, though hit me up.

    I don’t think it’s stupid to buy a font, especially if you really liked it. There are tons of free ones out there though, next time you’re in the market for one check out. http://1001freefonts.com/

  3. Hey C,
    Good rant. Yeah, I hate it when sign guys and printers screw up – unfortunately it happens often. Dont’ know any boat sign folks but maybe you could do a tour of the marina and if you see something you like on another boat, ask the owners who did theirs? That usually works for me – cuz you’ve already seen the person’s work on someone else’s project – know what I mean?

    Also, digging in a garden or cooking usually brings down my blood pressure – breathe girl.

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