June 29, 2009

When I talk to children, I’m overtaken by a need to spout long and tiresome words.   [I’m sure that somewhere there is a word out there that describes this but I have yet to figure out how to search a definition to come up with the resulting word.]

For example,

the five year old next door happened to ask me a question that I did not have an answer for.     Did I say, “I don’t know.”?   No, I said, “Sorry, I have no knowledge on that issue.”

The kid squinted at me and cocked his head, “What’s knowledge?”


Stunned, I was not at all sure how to answer that much more perplexing querie.       What is ‘knowledge’?    How do you explain knowledge to a kindergartner?   (Why, again, do I use such words ‘over the head’ of my young conversers – to show off my vocabulary?!    Surely, it can’t be to impress.)

I had to send him home to his parents.    I had him repeat the word back to me, to make sure when he got back to his Dad or his Mom, that he could actually say the word ‘knowledge’ – rhymes with college.   (uh oh)

I do enjoy sending these cherubs home to those who are supposed to be charmed, amused even, by their children.    He is quite a little dear.    He certainly amuses me.    But, boy, do I hate the tough questions.

I sure do wonder what they said back to him when he asked…



  1. A kid at the daycare I used to work at asked me what water tastes like. How on earth do you answer that?

    • Aren’t kids great! Maybe koolaid without the flavor and the sugar?

  2. I came over to be friendly and see what’s up, and I find I asked that same question in my post today! (What is knowledge?) Scary!
    Perhaps the word you’re looking for is “obfuscation”. 😀
    Sounds like they are fortunate to have you to expand their parameters!

    • Obfuscate sounds like a good hoidy-toidy show off word, doesn’t it?

  3. I look forward to my granddaughter asking me tough questions. I’ll be very excited just to answer “Go ask your Mommy.”

    • I can just see you, Joan, reacting, “OH goodie, I know how to answer this! GO. ask. your. mother. hee hee” precious.

  4. We take simple things for granted; kids don’t.

    • and that’s what makes them kids.

  5. What a question. Out of the mouths of babes, eh?

    • it’s a stumper, isn’t it?

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