June 6, 2009

Mystery plant at the neighbors…




  1. Ask that Not Quite Gentleman Farmer, David Levine!


    He’s a world reknown plant porn photographer.

    • Don’t you know it! This whole post was a lure to get that NQGF over here… and he obliged.

  2. It could be grass for all I know. I’m not much of a gardener. I did buy a basil plant, a rosemary plant and a thyme plant today. I love cooking with fresh herbs.

    • Good for you! I have a ton of herbs in my garden but I often forget to use it…

  3. Dunno!

    • That’s OK. Thanks for playin’.

  4. It does look like garlic except for one thing. The leaves look flat. Garlic leaves have a definite V-shape to them. Also the vertical growth is more than I would expect. And finally, my garlic is just beginning to do that funny little flowering act, when it makes what they call scapes. The little packet of bulbils is just emerging from the growing tip of the plants. But the smell test, if your neighbor doesn’t mind, would probably tell for sure. Garlic is an allium, of which there are many species. Maybe it’s a perennial garlic. Does your neighbor know anything about it?

    • Yea, the neighbors don’t care if I set fire to it. BUT. No smell of any kind that I can detect. I’ll dig some up maybe only because I think it looks cool and would look nifty in MY yard. The neighbors say it is wild.

  5. Well ain’t that somethin! If it don’t smell then it ain’t garlic, that’s for sure. It’s bound to flower soon, then maybe you’ll be able to figure out what it is. Thanks for taking the picture of it. 🙂

    • I knew, if we were quiet enough, He’d show up! Even if it’s not quite a whiff of garlic, Poof! He’s there.

      At lease we know he’s not a vampire.

      • Garlic pie, anyone?

      • We were fooled by that photo of him in the sunshine.

  6. Hi C.

    I’ve no idea – none whatsoever but hey nice to see you. Hello C, hope life is good for you.

  7. Is it spring onions. x

  8. Not to be contrary or anything duskydi, but I just don’t think those plants look like onions. The leaves are too flat and fanny looking, not tubular like onion or scallions. And they just poke upward more than onion and garlic leaves do. Bet they’re some kind of flowers.

  9. They still have no buds; no flower judging yet.

  10. Hmm – have you figured this out yet? I have no ideas. But I’ll be interested in knowing the answer!

  11. Hey C,
    It definitely looks like some sort of onion plant. Though if it’s garlic you would get a pretty strong smell of garlic. Does it smell like garlic?

    • Nope, doesn’t smell garlic nor onion-y.

  12. CATTAILS!!!!! Whodda thunk it.

    • Seriously? Is it a wet spot where they grow?

  13. well, where ISN’t a wetspot lately in New England!?

    • Well yeah, right, but one wouldn’t expect to see cattails growing somewhere that isn’t above average on the wetness. Wetland as it were. We have a patch of “wetland” in our backyard, according to the guy who designed our septic system. The appearance of such species of plants is a primary indicator of a wetland area. Another clue would be that the patch stays wet longer in the spring and after rains.

      Good to know anyway.

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