ok, nevermind! and harps

June 5, 2009

So, I’m just bursting with ideas to post about!   all random of course…

I’m all happy,happy now that my little kite is back.   🙂

let’s see, I was reminded of a cool story!   I’ll elaborate from the truth since I wasn’t there, but based on what I’ve been told and my imaginations filling in, here’s what happened.


A friend of mine, let’s call her Ethel, was walking through a hospital lobby….   NO, she was coming down the escalator into the lobby when she saw sunlight streaming onto a harp player playing the most lovely harp music and the beauty really struck her.

So, she wandered near the harpist and waited for an opportunity to introduce herself and offer compliments.   The harpist’s first words out of her mouth:

“There are no coincidences.   You were meant to come meet me.   Are you musical?”

My friend Ethel (not her real name) says,  “Well, yes, I love to sing.   But also, many years ago, I took harp lessons.  It was fun.”

And the harp lady says,

“You must pick it back up.  You must buy a harp.   I recommend a teach-yourself-how-to-play course, blah-blah-blah.    I am so busy I have to turn down opportunities – –  money-making opportunities!    There’s a reason we have met.   Here’s my card.  Call me when you’re ready.”

And My-Friend-Ethel-Not-Her-Real-Name is just giddy, GIDDY!  with excitement.

The end.

Well, not really, because I have to poke a bit of fun at Ethel.   She’s telling me this story, right and comes to the part about “There are no coincidences” and she says  “ya know, I just looked at her cautiously and go ‘uh huh’ ”

YEA, RIGHT!   Ethel eats this shit up.  I can sense her squealing with delight.

so fun.

(and I’m giddy!  My kite is back!!!)

CuriousC's avatar

CuriousC's avatar


  1. That’s funny about your friend. Music is really important in my book. The psychic harpist … maybe a touch creepy. Not that I wouldn’t LOVE to mess around with a harp. I’m sure it would sound horrible, but what fun that could be. Until the blisters came anyway …

    • I know! It’s great, though.

  2. Wow! Music and connecting with the “artist within” just keeps coming up in many of our lives, lately. I have a small Celtic harp, yo!
    Good luck to ‘Ethel’ —and to you! 🙂 Yay kite!

    • Thanks! The artist within. We’ll all got one, right?

  3. I love the coincidences that are not coincidences!

    So glad to see your kite back, too.

    • exactly. Good to see you, Fool!

  4. Ooooh, I love that story. So cool and creepy at the same time. It made me want to write a short story about it. Psychic Harpists and their Muses. Wow. So fun. Glad you got your kite back. 😉

    • I know, I have this image of the harpist being one of those unblinking INTENSE types but ‘Ethel’ was sure darned excited.

  5. Actually, more than the kite has been missing. I’m glad YOU and your kite are back!

    • Oh Jan! Thanks! so sweet of you. NOw I need to think of another post idea…

  6. So WHERE are all these great post ideas you yapped about CuriousC?! you haven’t posted for d a y s . . .

    • Don’t be so hard on yourself! 😀

  7. You don’t understand… I do have ideas! Unfortunately, they come to me in the car and not when I’m home in front of a keybd. AND… I’d have to sign in – then I’d get distracted by my stats and who has visited me and I want to – need to? – go visit all my friends and then HOURS get sucked right by me! I’m already late RT NOW as I type this so go away and write those 3 reviews YOU are keep saying you’re going to write. so there.

  8. So glad your kite is back! And glad that YOU are glad! LOL. This is such a fun story – I hope you will keep us updated regarding “Ethel’s” harp – playing.

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