May 20, 2009

I logged a full day as a 7th grade math instructor today.    It went well.    No one got sent to the office and I didn’t have any of that surreal feeling of  hovering over the room when I lose control.

Not that I really had to teach anything – worked through the Problem of the Day (area of a square with side length 12.5 feet) at the beginning of each class and then handed out a few worksheets that had to be turned in at the end.

Not too stressful – multiplication of fractions, negatives, decimals, finding mean and range – that kind of stuff.

The highlight?  or maybe a point of amusement:   a few of the students wanted to write on the board during the class they call ‘Directed Study’.   They are supposed to be spending quiet time on their assignments but if they are not too distracting – they can chat.       So the one who wanted to write on the whiteboard, wrote this:

Ms. “CuriousC” is the best substitute teacher ever!

Cool, huh?    They didn’t want me to erase it.   (But I did; once that class was over.)

Ah, validation!   **smirk**

Of course, the $63.74 still is hardly worth the time…



  1. That’s so cool! GOOD FOR YOU! Everyone needs to be told how much they ROCK every once and a while 😉

  2. Nice to be told how good you are – I agree with Java Queen!

  3. What a particularly perceptive and intelligent group of students those were!
    We, who know how to value you, cheer!!!

  4. Of course, we already knew what these kids just found out. I hope you have many more days like this one though. It certainly makes it seem more rewarding this way.

  5. Being the best of something is always a nice consolation. 🙂

  6. Aw, that’s sweet! We drove one of our subs crazy 😦

  7. YAY! for being the best substitute!!!

  8. As a former substitute myself, I know that feeling!
    I’ve got a box full of pictures, origami, and notes I received from countless elementary students–there’s nothing more precious than that!

  9. Aw C,
    That’s great. And kids are a very good judge of character, so they knew what we all knew…you’re a doll. I can totally see you as a teacher.

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