Awesomenessess. Sort of.

May 14, 2009

Thank you all who commented on prior post.   You rock.

Update so far is minimal – but I must say I’m very intrigued about acupuncturist idea from WriterChick.   

But here’s the update:    I called the doc who will no longer be my primary care doctor going forward and said this:

“Um, my pharmacist says he called you about a refill for my synthroid and you all told him that I’m no longer a patient?”

Gave the lady on the phone my name, what pharmacy, what drug, what dose and she said she would CALL ME BACK.




That was about 8:30 am.     I’ll give her through tomorrow.     I’ll maybe call in the afternoon?   if I don’t hear from them?!?!     I am hoping to at least get a ‘I’m sorry’ and an extension for a month’s supply – since I’m not suffering any symptoms and have been taking the same dose for awhile now….

I suppose I need to start thinking about finding a new darn doc or go natural.

But what really gets me nervous is what if I DO need a doctor for something serious and then WHO – WHERE will I go?        I did ask a friend if she rec’d a doc and she told me she was looking for a new one, too!!    EGADS.



  1. Hey C,
    Check with the local medical ethics board – if you have any past records from this doc, likely he has his associations and memberships printed on his stationary and bill headings. I would contact them and lodge a complaint – that will get their attention. They are obligated to some degree to not leave you hanging. Perhaps you should call back in the morning and say you are thinking about it and see if you don’t get your refill. Call the best hospital in your area and see if they have an urgent care unit (like a clinic but nice not icky) and explain the situation – see if they can get you in for a blood test and a scrip for the thyroid for at least a month or two. Chances are, they will help you.

    How do I know all this? My last official ‘job’ was being the Office Manager for a family medicine practioner. I learned a lot. Email me if I can help you any further.


    • Annie – You are so cool. Thanks so much for your help here. Mostly I need the kick in the butt to do SOMETHING. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling that fear that I’m forgetting something really really huge and it was a panic I don’t think I’ve every experienced. It was 3 am and what to do? I somehow fell back asleep telling myself I can worry about it tomorrow.

  2. Awww, I love what Annie wrote- great advice! At the hosp where I work, we have a “physician referral” line. Also, a very intricate website with a tab that says, “find a doctor” and there is comprehensive list of where the doc studied, how long, how long he/she has been in practice, their specialties, what insurance they accept, if they are accepting new pts, etc… very useful!

    • JQ – I know and I’ve tried doc referrals but it’s still not like meeting them and seeing you can actually relate and trust them. The only sign is that if you CAN’T get an appt – they must be good?!?! so annoying. My hub actually tried to set up a just a meeting to see if a doc would be a good fit and they said they didn’t know how to charge insurance for it so they said NO! but they told us AT the appt so we had to pay out of pocket and what a mess…

      Thanks for the ideas – I have looked at those find-a-doc websites once or twice and will do again…

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