Doctor Schmoctor

May 13, 2009


The pharmacist where I have my autofill for synthroid – I’m a bit hypothyroidic – called to inform me that I’m out of refills but when they called my doctor was informed

that I’m no longer a patient under that physician’s care.


Do you think it was a mistake or just one more piece of evidence that this guy is a putz?

There’s more to this story; you may have already guessed this.     The following is hearsay, likely misinterpreted and creatively extrapolated.  Thus, it is the truth.


This ‘doctor’ was also the primary care physician for an acquaintance of mine.    Long sad story short, my acquaintance ‘Bob’ complained for about a year of pain in his hip.   When he finally decided to have it checked elsewhere, he was rushed into surgery for a hip replacement so his body would be better able to handle the upcoming chemo and radiation.  Yep, you read that right, Bob has a rare scary cancer.   (all cancer is scary.)

OK, doctors make mistakes and primary care guys are not specialists.   But what has me and my husband most upset is how ‘our’ doctor callously?

what’s a better word…  casually?  flippantly?  insouciant!!!

was the insouciant manner in which he explained what was up to Bob’s supportive wife Sue.

Sue, without having any opportunity to talk to anyone at length, was told to stop by primary-care-doctor and pick up copies of his records before heading to the hospital.   With a 5 year old and an 3 year old in tow.

When she got to the office, the doctor met her in the lobby with the packet.

He says, “Honey, you better get your affairs in order, it’s stage 4.   By the way, I’m on vacation for the next two weeks.”




Of course, there were likely no other people there since it seems his practice is suffering.   Funny how easy it was to get quick appointments…


My husband never did feel comfortable with the doctor anyway – too casual.      So he asked around and found another doctor and made an appointment and asked for his records to be transferred.     That was two weeks ago.

I, however, did not sign any request for records transfer.    I have not yet decided what to do with my medical self.      I do have an appointment with an OB/GYN for the end of July.   She must be good – that was the first available appointment!    She specializes in menopause – woo hoo!


Can a doctor just drop a patient?    Does anyone know if I can replace synthroid with a natural, non-prescriptive supplement?

Or do I have to call the dude (uh, his staff) and ask what the hell?   He can’t DROP me as a patient?   (can he?) On what grounds?

Our medical system is BROKEN.    I hate doctors.



  1. OMG what a jackass he sounds. I think you’re better off without that particular doctor. Trouble is you need another straight away. I don’t know how it works In USA – maybe your friends could recommend one they think is really good? God luck.

  2. Sheesh – when it isn’t the doctor messing with you, it’s the insurance companies causing all the problems. It is definitely not easy but it shouldn’t have to be so fracking difficult. Yowza. I hope everything goes smoothly as you transition to a better doctor’s care.

  3. How can someone not have any heart? This is shocking. Something as serious.. and right in the lobby? I’m speechless. I’m so very sorry that your dear friend is going through such a bad time, sorry for his wife and kids too (*his whole fam for that matter) and I will keep you all in my prayers.

    I don’t see why a physician cannot drop whomever they want, however, I’d think they should give you notice and a physician referral? To just dump you like that is so unprofessional! GAH! I’m sorry. I think it goes without saying that you are much better off without this doctor anyway! 😦

  4. Hey C,
    First of all, that doc is a jackass. You never do that to a patient or his family. No wonder patients are leaving his practice in droves. A doctor can, however, drop a patient, although the common practice is to give the patient 30 days notice and a referral to another practitioner.

    As to natural replacement for thyroid meds – if you know the dosage you might be able to buy raw thyroid thru healthfood stores. I did, but my requirement was very low and temporary.

    I’m more into alternative healthcare than probably most but in your position I would go to an acupuncturist (usually also asian herbalists) and see if they had an herbal equivalent that I could try. I’ve had tremendous wins with acupuncture myself.

    Good luck and that doctor…you’re better off without them.


  5. So do I! I’ve been “treated” the same, callous way by doctors! The doctors of today are not like the doctors of the past. Today’s doctors have altered the Hippocratic Oath: It now reads “First, do no good…”

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