Thoughts on Subbing

March 23, 2009

More random stuff to ponder…     ♦♦♦

One kid came up to ask a question about a person in a book the class was reading about the Titanic and was wondering why the text referred to Mrs. John Smith when the back of the book list of all the passengers referred to her as Mrs. Veronica Smith  (I’m making these names up – I really don’t remember what her REAL name was, shame on me) and I tried to explain to him that old archaic system of how wives used to only be referenced by the man they were married to.   I absolutely loved that he frowned and responded, “huh?  why?”     He thought it too confusing.    Good boy.    Women have their own identities and are not just extensions of the husband.   Not that I want to start the whole debate of girls belonging to their fathers until they are married off and then belong to the husband and the convenience? of taking the guy’s name issue.   I’m OK with most of it, but let me keep my first name and let me use Ms.

I read a book that was lying on the desk of the teacher I was subbing for and now I can’t find it in Amazon in order to list it in my BOOKS-READ-IN-2009.   I’m bummed.   It was cute, too.   Something about how ‘If you think about it, all problems are math problems.’   The poor kid spends ever waking moment translating all issues and challenges of the day as a math problem until finally, he realizes that he woke up at 7 am, it only takes 3 minutes to get dressed, 5 minutes to eat breakfast, 1 minute to brush his teeth, and the bus is due to arrive at 7:42 ==>  no problem!  He’s got PLENTY of time to catch the bus.    However.  Later, the science teacher announces in class that ‘If you think about it, all problems are science problems.’   DARN IT!    very cute.

[Added later:  found it!   Math Curse by Jon Scieszka]

I actually had to teach today.   Usually I have worksheets to pass out and I’m not really involved.   But today, we had read aloud and together as a class, ask questions, let’s work through this together, go over it again, etc and then some…  My mouth went dry from so much talking; I was SOO thirsty!      Lesson was on linking verbs, predicate noun and adjectives, passive and active voice, regular and irregular verbs.     Such fun.



  1. That book does sound cute! I’m just glad it wasn’t very specific math like “If you think about it, all problems are algebra problems”, ’cause then I would’ve had a serious problem! 😉

    It’s a kids book – very fast reading. Only about 20 words to a page, pretty pictures. It’s probably geared to 3rd or 4th graders. maybe!? IT was so cute.

  2. I wish I had more time to read…. how do you find the time Curious? The book does sound neat! Any kind of math would stump me though- LOL!

    Actually, subbing gives me the time to read! Since substitute teaching can almost be called glorified baby-sitting some times, when I give homework – QUIET! WORK INDEPENDENTLY! – I have time to read my books. 🙂

  3. I confess to torturing people by using the old fashioned way of using your husband’s name when I order take out food or reserving a table…I always use “Mrs. Buck Manning”. teehee

  4. I’ve always hated that women o not retain the name they were born with. In the Uk there is a trend to retain your old name and hyphen the husbands name – e.g. Jane Smith marrying Tom Brown would become Jane Smith-Brown!

    I wish this idea had been around when I married initially – but it feels too late to change my name now since every single item of legal paperwork would have to be changed.

  5. The hyphening idea is good until everyone ends up with a million hyphens! In Norway or Iceland, or in that general region, I’ve seen trends where the last name changes with every generation. For example, if the fathers name is Bjorn, then the kids’ last names would be Bjornsdotter or Bjornsson. Pretty nifty I think, although it must make it hard to track your lineage.

  6. It must have been way more fun to get actually involved in the teaching than just doing handouts. Did you enjoy it?

    I used to hyphenate my name because when I first got married I figured I had already lived my life for a long time with my own name so why should I change it? I just added his to mine. The second time around, I did no hyphenating at all and I have a different last name than my hubs. 🙂

  7. Way to go Ms. C! My wife goes by her own name. And she’s no maiden, believe me. Though sometimes I call her “m’lady” just for fun.

    Parched throat … that’s how you know you worked for that $50!!

  8. So, that’s how you do it! LOL! Good for you! Award for you at my place 🙂

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