March 3, 2009

It’s 8:14 am on Tuesday as I type this sentence.

I just bebopped back here to post this awesome award I just accepted from my friend Teeni:



I love sunshine and this does mean a lot.   Thanks!   

Usually, I graciously accept my awards and move on with little fanfare, no crowing on my own blog and no passing-it-along.   Not that I don’t have tons of favorites – I have way too many!    So, if you are reading this and you ‘know’ me and thus are probably on my blogroll or are on a blogroll of one of these on my blogroll (Reader has severely diminished my use of my own blogroll as a way to find  you all….)   FEEL FREE to accept, claim and pass it along!    Do go read Teeni’s post and follow the bread crumbs for how SHE got it, though.    Common courtesy thing I try to encourage.    If you’ve ever commented here before (or might) and I didn’t (or won’t) delete it as spam — ha!!   then feel free to accept some sunshine.   🙂

I’ve been up since 4:30 ish.    Hub had a plane to catch.   The one he should have been on yesterday but was cancelled due to weather.    Good thing he was home – a check arrived I needed his signature to cash.  I mean deposit.  [another snort.]

I made coffee and confused the dog by giving him an early breakfast.     

And I waited for the phone to ring to invite me to substitute teach.    The call could come as early as 5:30 so I got in and out of the shower before that.

Yea, they didn’t call.

RRrrrrrrrrr.     It really can be annoying that you don’t know if you might have to work.    Of course, I could say NO if they call, but if the day might as well be stuck in a classroom earning some dollars, I might as well be ready, just in case.     But now I’m ‘ready’ and wish I could crawl back in bed.  

Yea FLEXIBILITY!   waving my pompons!   woo hoo!

I haven’t ‘worked’ in 3 weeks.    But thankfully, I do know that I will work tomorrow.    The coordinator called up with a few advance notice assignments last week and one will be tomorrow.   I’ll be at the high school working as an aide with the special needs department.     It’s not bad.     I seem to like the assignments no one else feels comfortable with.   I like middle school and I like being an aide.    I REALLY disliked the younger elementary grades.     Just 45 minutes as the ‘reading’ teacher in a second grade class and I achieved out of control chaos in 28 minutes.   Scary!     They’re cute but menacing.

My newly decided to do list for the day is…

Finish this post.   Finish a review of Coetzee’s Life and Times of Michael K at the other blog.    (you DO know the link, right?)   The book was simple and complicated.    I’m still thinking about it…   Go to the bank.    Call for a slip reservation at the marina, decide which marine surveyor to hire and give calls back yea and nay, and take a nap.    

I wish you all a day full of prosperous joyous sunshiny smiles.


  1. Hi! I just thought I’d come visit you and thank you for visiting me. Always nice to meet someone new.

  2. 🙂

    So glad you accepted the award because your thougtfulness really does shine from you and makes you a stand-out person! I love that about you! Oh, a nap sounds good! Off to school with me though! Yesterday was supposed to be the first day but got cancelled due to weather. Better safe than sorry, I guess. And I’m glad your hubby wasn’t in the air for any of that mess!

  3. Flexibility is good in a way ’cause you can move stuff up on the to-do list, but a 5:30am shower when you could’ve been sleeping, not as wondrous I suppose 😉 …and gosh, I can’t imagine that many “cute” rug-rats in one room to deal with….I’m sweating just thinking about it 😉

  4. Congrats on the award! Sounds like you have been having a busy week.

  5. Congratulations C! Winning awards seems hokey and embarrassing until you win one, huh? Then it’s kinda cool! 🙂

    LOL: I mean deposit. [another snort.]

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