Never A Dull Moment!

February 24, 2009




  1. Does this mean you GOT it????!!!!!


  2. NICE!!!!

    hey you! Thanks.

  3. Assuming you’ve purchased it, congratulations!

    Actually, no. We are only just starting the process. It’s a lot like buying a house – gotta make the offer, come up with the down payment, get it inspected – it has to be sea worthy – and until we pay the last $ and take possession…. It might be 8 weeks. But thanks! I’m quite excited.

  4. There it is!!! Shall you invite us all for a cruise? 🙂

    You, only YOU are invited!

  5. A fabulous purchase! Enjoy.

    Thank you, thank you. The hub is starting to wonder just how foolish we are but I say “so what!” We intend to enjoy it (or kill each other. we will see.)

  6. Awesome.

    And? got that blog started yet?

  7. OH, I am so not showing this to the Urbane Lion. He gets really antsy around this time of year wanting to put the boat in the water NOW. Too bad about the layers of ice he would have to break through first!

    Very nice! Congrats!

    It’s so very exciting…

  8. Ooh, I used to love sailing! Fun times indeed, congrats!

    Thanks. I’m extremely excited. Why have money in the stock market when you can put it in the water and enjoy it?!

  9. Please consider this as your engraved invitation to the awards ceremony at my site. 🙂

    Ok, I’m putting on my shoes and grabbing my coat to come right over!

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