CuriousC Sees Some Movies – Silly Adventure and Crime Doesn’t Pay

February 9, 2009

I watched Indiana Jones and the something something Crystal Skull. Very formulaic:  interesting archeological find is wanted by the bad guys and off we go on adventures to retrieve artifact and keep it out of the hands of those with evil plans. yada yada yada. It was not as bad as all the critics said it was but perhaps knowing that, I didn’t expect much? I found it pleasantly fun. A good rental; eat some popcorn, and roll with it. I do love Karen Allen – isn’t she just so sweet?

I also saw a movie that has popped up on some hate it / love it lists: Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Marisa Tomei, Albert Finney… I know! WHAT A CAST! Stellar, even. Why, Michael Shannon is in this, too – he was nominated for Rev Road which I just might go see today. (yea, right)  msactordude

But this movie was dark, and sad.   and one big giant lesson that crime doesn’t pay.    I can’t think any positive moments in the entire film.    Two brothers need cash – one because he’s just a sad loser and the other older brother because he has a bit of a drug habit.    Appearances sake, he doesn’t look like a sad loser what with his beautiful wife and 6 figure job in NYC, but he is.  By the way, the younger brother is having an affair with older brother’s wife, played by Marisa Tomei, who is often topless.    A robbery gone wrong, somebody dies, and it just gets worse from there.     The end. 

Anyway, another not so great week of movie watching.   I was all ready to go out yesterday to the theatre that is NOT my basement but both friends bailed on me and the weather was actually nice, so I stayed home with the honey.

Have a great week everyone.



  1. I like the indiana movies – but that’s because I see them as light entertainment and escapism. I expect nothing more and get nothing more – so that’s OK. Like you said, I get the popcorn in, find a comfy chair and roll with the film without ever having to tax my brain. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of sheer escapism now and then – it’s relaxing!

  2. I was rather disappointed in the latest Indy movie…but it had some fun parts!

    Have you seen “Gran Torino” yet? It’s pretty awesome.

  3. Oh my. I like Karen Allen too but in that last Indiana Jones movie I had to laugh at her acting. It was kind of stiff and unnatural. I was sad seeing that. Anyway, sorry your friends pooped out on you.

  4. HEE HEE! These quick movie posts are HILARIOUS!

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