Curious Monday Movie Zilch

February 2, 2009

Boring post!  I didn’t see any movies last week!  or at least none from 2008.      I watched a lot of pieces/parts of flicks on TV as hub flipped through many a-channel:   Bourne Supremacy, True Lies, Apollo 13, Man in the Iron Mask, Da Vinci Code, Etc and I don’t know what all.

Wait!   We did watch For Your Consideration – these ensemble movies that I call “Christopher Guest Movies” although I don’t think he can be responsible for all of it, are funny to me.    and I adore Jane Lynch.

So, I’m pathetic.   My goals and my behaviors and not in sync.   I get it.    I just lollygag my days away, blogging and reading and wondering about my awesome life.        

Happy Monday.



  1. Haha, happy Monday to you too, and don’t worry, I do a lot of lolly-gagging as well! 😉

    PS: I love Christopher Guest Movies! Have you seen “Best in Show”? So, so funny 🙂

  2. Lolly-gagging is our friend! Far from pathetic; you educate and inform; no small thing, my friend. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I still haven’t made much use of the yoga mat I got for Christmas…I hear ya. And seriously, lollygagging has to be the best word ever.

  4. Christopher Guest movies are a riot and as Romi mentioned, Best in Show was great. 🙂 Say, this wasn’t as boring as you said the post was going to be!

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