Curious Monday Movies Vol I, Issue 4

January 26, 2009

Curious Monday Movies Vol I, Issue 4

THE ACADEMY HAS ANNOUNCED THE LIST!!!    Click here to read it…

and so…   Now I know what I need to see.   Before Sunday, February 22.

I have not seen much towards my goal – although I am most proud to share that I have seen four – 4! – of the five films nominated for Best Sound Editing.   cool, huh?

Let’s see, I think I only saw one new movie last week.   Ghost Town, a pleasant rom-com starring  Greg Kinnear, Tea Leoni and Ricky Gervais.   I liked it.

I saw House Bunny last week and forgot to mention it.    I laughed, a lot.   It was silliness, as expected.

And that is all I can say this week.    I suppose I could bitch about the fact that the local cinemas have limited the times to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to late evening showings only.   No matinees.    SUCKS. I want to go by myself to an afternoon viewing and I will have to drive in to Boston if I really want to.   Which I don’t.   I do NOT want to sit in a theatre for a THREE HOUR flick no matter how great it is.      Nor will I drive an hour to do that.   Ugh.   It sucks!

Now do go and have a happy Monday, what’s left of it.


One comment

  1. Oh, I want to see Ghost Town! I want to see so many movies. I can’t keep up with you! LOL. I guess I need to make time to see more of them. I need a special movie night whether it be to go out to movies or to watch them at home from NetFlix.

    I give myself a time limit that if a movie from Netflix hasn’t caught our fancy to watch it in 2 weeks, it gets sent back. I’m always fiddling with my queue…

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