January 23, 2009

Happy Pie Day!   Happy Pie Day!

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

The American Pie Council encourages everyone to enjoy PIE on this January 23rd, our National Day of Pie.

Pear, Pumpkin, Something with Meringue

Pear, Pumpkin, Something with Meringue

A great idea is to give the gift of pie to someone special to celebrate Pie Day…   What kind of pie is YOUR favorite?   Who in your life deserves a special slice of pie?

Blueberry Lattice Pie

Blueberry Lattice Pie

I just pulled out of the freezer an already-baked double-crust pie  – I think it is Pineapple.   And I might have to attempt the Orange Cream Pie recipe in honor of Pie Day, too.     As for who deserves one?     I’ll have to think on that some more…   Maybe, YOU?    If you want a specific recipe, leave me a note and I can send it via email.

Pear, Pumpkin, Cherry...

Pear, Pumpkin, Cherry Lattice...

I really wasn’t trying to create a face with one eye and one big nose…    Pear Pies are a specialty of mine.   Here are a few hit and misses I’ve created:

Sour Cream Pear Raisin Pie

Grape Pie

Avocado Lime Pie

Papaya Pie

I do not claim to be a great pie baker and I won’t even tell anyone I’m a good pie maker but I do love pie and love to try new and different – yes, even WEIRD pies – every now and again.      And I usually take a photo.

Celebrate Pie Day by telling me your favorite! kite_e



  1. You’ve got mad pie skillz girl! Holy hell, you made those beautiful pies? The blueberry w/ lattice looks to die for! I have only made a pie once, it was apple with apples that I hand picked at an orchard; it only seemed the right thing to do… LOL! Talented mama!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm – they look delicous!

  3. I want a slice or two. Look so delicious!

  4. Man. I love pie. Yum. If you do that orange cream pie thing then I soooo want that recipe! And since I missed annual Pie Day, I am telling myself that I can make up for it another day by just having twice as much – that’s fair, right? 😉

    nah, I never got around to the orange pie – darn it…

  5. Hi C! Really nice pie pix. Making me hungry. I have always wanted to try that grape pie. Have a recipe for that?


    I just made some rice pudding. Mmmmm. Lately I’ve been using chopped apricots instead of raisins. Yum.

    Oooo – I’ve never tried rice nor apricot pudding. I love making cooked-on-the stove chocolate and tapioco, tho.

  6. There is a no pressure prize for you at my place! 🙂


    Thanks Darlin’. I’ll send Care over to pick it up for me, if that’s ok. hee hee.

  7. Those are some rad pies! I helped my friend do an apple pie as in macintosh. But I did the logo frontwards so when she flipped it onto the pie, it was backwards. It was still delicious!

    awesome! No matter what they look like, pie is always scrumptious.

  8. kentucky derby pie, is the only pie i will eat. google it!

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