CuriousC Sees Some More Movies

January 20, 2009

Oops, day late, but here it is.   This will be a longerish post for me because I have a few things to say, what with it being an historical day and all…

First off, and more important to me, is volunteering and how to encourage you and everyone to volunteer more.   and me, too.   I need to volunteer more, too.   And I have a terrific resource for you if you don’t know what to do to give some time to a cause you might be passionate about or just curious about or even only mildly interested in.   Who knows what it will turn into!


This website has a tremendous list of opportunities and offers many that are virtual.   You could sit in front of your PC and still be in your pajamas.    I suggest an idea to blog one hour less per week and give it to an organization who might need some PR work or do research or post for THEIR blog or ???   Check it out.       My little speech is over now.

All these celebrities grabbing the limelight with tears in their eyes about how wonderful it is that Obama is the new president…   Starting organizations and making movies to get the word out about how to get involved….   Um, if this country is so great (and I think it is), I just don’t get how and why Obama becoming prez is the catalyst for doing good works.    This country needed good works and giving to the poor and helping out in schools and all that stuff YESTERDAY, too.    and I think it is strange that now that the favored son is the leader of the free world, that now is when we should give a little more.      Just saying.

and to prove my point,  I have posted about VolunteerMatch.org in prior posts and am not now all of a sudden jumping on the bandwagon to ‘do more’ just cuz President Obama is encouraging it.   ThankyouverymuchDemiMooreonOprah.

I saw The Duchess starring Kiera Knightley.   It was beautiful.    Costumes, settings, etc.   Acting was good.   The story?    It just seemed to build up and … then OK, that’s it?   ending.     It does offer an interesting viewpoint on getting along with your husband’s mistress.

It reminds me of a good friend who had a fabulous philosophy about her divorce and her thoughts on her ex husband’s new wife.    She went out of her way to get to know this stepmom of her 8 yo son precisely because she wanted her son to have a good relationship with her.   They ended up over the years getting together to bitch about their ‘shared man’.   Cuz he was an asshole and T.   wanted the wife to know she could have a sounding board!  and that ‘their’ son survive a notsogreat role model.    I admired her ability to not be the bitch-exwife to the new wife.  and vice versa.   anyway.

I finally FINALLY watched The Color Purple.    VERY GOOD.     I can’t believe it took me 20+ years?!?!    I read the book for the first time in 2008.

I saw StepBrothers.   I laughed.   I was drinking beer.    Beer and Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly is a must, I think.    Mary Steenburgen is LOVELY and I think Richard Jenkens is fascinating.

My hub is all talk and no action for GOING to movies!   I haven’t been able to get to a theatre to see anything a bit more quality?  current?   oh well.    It doesn’t help that the cinemas are far away – I have only one sort of close and they don’t show much that I want to see.   Maybe this weekend I can get to Benjamin Button or Rev Road or Milk or Gran Torino or____ .   sigh

I subbed again last Friday and it went so well, that now I’m scared the next time will swing back into scary zone.    Then I caught a strange illness with flu-like symptoms and I’m only today starting to feel non-fuzzy in the head.

That’s a wrap.




  1. I am proud of being an American. Best wishes to the new president.


  2. Glad the subbing is going well, I’m sure increased awesomeness is just a sign that you’re doing good! I’d really love to volunteer. All my spare time goes into project Move Down South these days…I figure I’ll just make up for it when I’m good and settled 😉

    and Happy Moving-Preparing to you!

  3. You definitely need beer or some kind of mind-altering substance for Step Brothers… just so you can push your lack of inhibition as far as they do…

    I agree with you that the same needs are there today as yesterday, and we all should have been doing more all along, but it just feels so pointless when there is someone in the White House screwing things up faster than we can fix them. Hopefully now we can catch up.

    Glad you’re feeling better!

    You bring up a valid point. Thank you.

  4. So true about the ongoing need for volunteering and serving others. It would be best if people had woken up yesterday, but on the other hand, better today than tomorrow. I see you’ve already found VolunteerMatch, a great site, but if you’re looking for another resource you might like UniversalGiving.org, an online non-profit I work for, which connects individuals to quality organizations for volunteering and donating to. If you’re curious, check us out at http://www.universalgiving.org, or read the blog at http://www.philanthrobuzz.wordpress.com
    Thanks for the thoughts on volunteering!

    Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Wow. That was a lot to read. LOL. You got a lot into one post. Ack – I still have to see The Color Purple too! Why do I never think to add it to my Netflix? Thanks for reminding me. You worry too much about subbing. You are fantastic and I’m sure it will only get better not worse – think positive! 🙂

    Oh yea? Post was a little too long? oh well. Had a lot to say, I guess. I have no idea why it took me so long to see The Color Purple, but now, finally, I have! yea me. And I probably do worry abt the subbing. Thank you for the good reminder to think more positive.

  6. No, no, NO! I didn’t mean that the post was too long at all. I just was shocked because normally your posts have been shorter. So this wasn’t pointing out a BAD thing, just making an observation. LOL. Where’s that positivity? Gone already? 😉 I LIKE that you put a lot into one post. I wanted to know what you’ve been up to! 🙂

    I’ve been crazed lately. I’ll get right back to work on that positivity crap, though, promise!

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