Award List Monday, 2nd Ed.

December 22, 2008

Award List Mondays are MY way to keep track of what I need to see between now and the Oscars in February 2009…

Since last week’s post, I’ve only seen two movies and one was from a long time ago:   Uncle Buck.   Because.   You don’t need a reason to watch this movie.   I love John Candy, always will.   I’ll cry if I keep thinking about him.

The other movie I saw was Smart People.    This movie stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Quaid, Ellen Page,  Thomas Hayden Church and Christine Lahti.   Ashton Holmes is in it, too, and he has higher billing than Christine Lahti.   I think this Holmes kid looked familiar but his name isn’t.   Is he in some awesome TV teen drama crap that I’m missed because I don’t watch TV teen drama crap?

Anywho, Smart People has been nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Casting by the Outstanding and Achieving Casting Society of America.     The Ceremony bestowing the grand award was in November and  Smart People did not win:   Gone Baby Gone did.     Which is odd, don’t you think?    Wasn’t GBG in 2007?   I guess the ‘year’ thing covers a different 12 month span than the Academy (Oscars) – which is fine.

I liked the movie OK.    Quaid definitely wasn’t very Quaid-like.    Church was my favorite!    It’s about ‘smart’ people (over educated?) who are ‘damaged’ (emotionally stunted?) and really don’t know how to  connect to others…    It’s OK.    I wouldn’t have been too impressed if I had paid ~$10 to see it.

and that’s it!

I do have The Visitor in the house – Richard Jenkins is getting lots of buzz for Best Actor (SAG Nom)  and hopefully Wall-E will be on its way to me when Netflix gets Smart People back.

Other SAG nominations that include movies not mentioned last week:    Doubt,  Rachel Getting Married, and Revolutionary Road.



  1. happy holiday friend,,,,,,,,visiting from indonesia,,,care for exlink?

  2. Merry Christmas, Curious C! 😀

  3. A big “Merry Christmas!” to you and your family. Best wishes.

  4. Love the blog header – bet you’re wearing something with lobsters on it! Right?

  5. I am as behind in movie watching as I am on reading your blog. I have some time off so I will be trying to catch up on my blogroll reading as well as a few actual books …

    Lobster Santa! 😀

  6. My linkie:


  7. Hey there, Curious C…
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    I am terrible keeping up with movies. I rarely go. For one thing, it’s hard for me to sit still for that long! A friend of mine just saw “Grand Torino”, the new Clint Eastwood movie and she gave it rave reviews.

    Blessings to you and yours!

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