Four Things Meme

December 17, 2008

MusEditions tagged me!   Here goes:

4 places I go over and over:

(1) Oscar’s Doggie Day Care – drop off, pick up, over and over and over.
(2) The Home for the Aged;  Oscar and I visit Wednesdays and Thursdays
(3) TF Green Airport, Providence RI  – MUCH easier place to catch an airplane than Boston Logan.
(4) Borders – I can’t help it!  I love books.   And this is where I tutor since the Library is closed on Mondays.

Oscar and Santa 2008

Oscar and Santa 2008

4 people who e-mail me regularly:

(1) My husband.
(2) My mom’s side of the family is always sending out ‘stuff’:   birthday notices, old photos, jokes, etc.
(3) I get these crazy spam messages designed to look like I sent them to myself and I have 2 spam checkers that they squeak by somehow.
(4) DSW Shoes.

4 of my favorite places to eat:

(1) Wendys – I rarely go, however.  (and Arby’s and Sonic – I NEVER go because they are not in New England.)
(2) Harry’s  in Middleborough
(3) BB’s Lawnside BBQ in Kansas City (Gates is #2)
(4) The Black Pearl – NewportRI

4 places you’d rather be NOW:

(1) Back asleep in bed.
(2) Hawaii
(3) Aruba
(4) Fiji Islands

4 TV shows I could watch over and over:

(1) Third Rock
(2) ESPN
(3) Bones
(4) Friends

4 movies I could watch over and over:

(1) Kill Bill I & II
(2) The Breakfast Club
(3) Philadelphia Story
(4) Moulin Rouge

4 people I hope will respond:

(1)   Wendy – I realize you are having connectivity issues so whatever.
(2)  Elena
(3)  Grace Magazine
(4)  Hallie


  1. 😯 No Arby’s or Sonic?!?! That breaks my heart. You will be in my thoughts always. 😛

    hee hee, no – it’s OK. We may not be able to eat at a Sonic, but we ARE privileged to see their commercials on TV.

  2. Good job! I don’t know your restaurants (except Wendy’s) but they sound good. Your 4-places-over-and-over are wonderful! Awww! I love that you have Border’s there at the end. 🙂
    Your 4-rather-be places are all lovely and warm. And with the possible exception of your bed—which I claim no personal knowledge of—beautiful and beachy.
    I’ve watched two of your TV shows and two of your movies. I like how you think, so must investigate the others.
    Thanks for taking this on, C!!!

    Thx, Muse! The movie list is hard – I can watch movies over and over and over and these are what popped into my head. It looks now like I tend to select violent movies… uh oh. And I don’t watch much TV…

  3. I meant to comment here earlier because I thought we USED to have Arby’s around the area but they all disappeared. Or was that my faulty memory? I know there was some roast beef place! I’m sure of it. And I thought it was Arby’s. I have no idea what a Sonic is though. I’m gonna guess it’s some kind of food place and not the little hedgehog guy that Sega used in their video games? 😉

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