Lobster Santas

December 11, 2008

When I think of Christmas, I think about Lobster Santas!


Don’t you?    Don’t you think about lobsters?

Don’t you want to lounge about in your lobster santa pajamas perspj and in your lobster santa socks and drink hot cocoa from your lobster coffee mug?

img_05531(and these aren’t my only pair…   the others are similar but not the same…)

THANK YOU TO MY DEAR DEAR FRIEND JIMMI for giving me these pjs, one of the most exciting gifts I’ve ever received.  (You didn’t give me the socks, tho…  Did you?  I think I got those from B.)


And yes, if you must know, I DO have a lobster Christmas tree…   I collect lobster Christmas ornaments.   Another photo for another day.

* Pajamas are by Nick and Nora…



  1. Aww shooot girl, that’s hot! No, I never think about lobsters, or Santa lobsters but you’re lookn’ good! You are the first official “lobster” fan I have met. I just noticed the socks, santa lobster in his sleigh pulling on the reigns of the little sea horse’s? Is that what I spy with my eye? K, that is freakn’ adorable- not like anything I have ever seen before- but way cute!

    It was a lot wierder for me to collect lobsters when I lived in Kansas! But people still think I’m a bit strange…

  2. Oh my God, I love your Santa lobster, or Lobster Santa. He’s adorable.

    Thanks. I’m sure this explains my comment about what lobster-santa will bring if you are bad…

  3. First time I’ve ever heard of a Lobster Santa. The seahorses pulling the sleigh are really cute. Is this a New England thing? How did it begin?

    I know, the seahorses concept is so clever. This is NOT a New England thing. It’s just me being strange – I’ve collected lobster stuff most of my life and whenever any friends SEE lobster things, they often buy for me. I have no idea who the came up with lobster santa pjs but I adore them!

  4. Lobster Santa seems normal to me. I love the PJs and of course the socks too. My daughter’s Japanese in-laws eat lobster for Thanksgiving dinner every year.

    Lobster for Thanksgivings sounds like a terrific idea. I might propose we cook a lobster for Christmas Eve… Growing up, we always had Oyster Stew for that night’s tradition, but my hub doesn’t like it.

  5. New Englanders definitely take their lobster a little too seriously. But those are the most adorable PJs and socks ever! The PJs look very comfy. So that must be who they are talking about when they talk “Santa Claws,” yes?

    SANTA CLAWS! Brilliant!

  6. I never heard of such a thing, but I can’t say that any more, now can I? 😉 Very cute.

    and may the Lobster Santa bring you lots of goodies!

  7. Oh my gosh, who knew there was a whole lobster santa cult going on? You collect lobster ornaments? I had no idea there was such a thing. Now do they taste like lobster or just look like them? 😆

    Well, I wouldn’t call it a cult… It’s just me, as far as I know.

  8. You know what. I had Lobster Santa for dinner last Christmas. 🙂

    LOL! I’m thinking we will have lobster for our Christmas Eve dinner this year.

  9. Well, you are a little bit weird, C.—is it the New England thing? That being said, those are the cutest jammies ever! And I love the socks! Who knew they’d have socks! I’m a bit of a sock freak. OK, I’m weird too. Happy Lobster. 🙂

    Happy Holiday Lobster to YOU!

  10. Amazing jammies!

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