Happy December

December 8, 2008

Ah, such a busy fun month, December is.     I have boxes of mishmashed Christmas decorations out and laundry to do and cards to address and mail (because hand written means more than slapping a label on an envelope, sigh) and the stack of mail from 10 days?   now it’s in mini stacks on the breakfast table.

Parties to plan, desserts to whip up, presents to buy yet and mail to nieces and nephews.    House to clean.

And oh yea!  I was job hunting before Thanksgiving!    well, good luck with that, now.

And blogs to catch up on and witty things to post and my dog needs lots and lots of attention – I missed him so.

Somehow it’s the 8th of December.


It snowed!

It snowed!

I love the snows in New England.   It must be the fact that where I live now has more trees and more evergreens, but I don’t remember the snows of the midwest sticking to every leaf and needle and surface like the dusting of powder sugar.   It’s so very pretty here…



  1. Gorgeous pic!

  2. I know what you mean… it feels like so many things have to be left on the back burner “until after the holidays…”

    Bleh… I’m such a scrooge!

  3. Wow – hey – snow! LOL. I like how this new snow sticks to the bottom of the screen! Your photo is gorgeous!

    Yes, December is always filled with busy-ness! Don’t forget to take some time just for yourself and to relax. Hugs to you – you were missed!

  4. Yeah SNOW!! I love love love your picture!! welcome back!!

  5. ‘Tis a busy month! The picture is quite beautiful!

    I am in Florida so there is no snow. Only twice do I remember it snowing here…which was more like a dusting. :O

    Don’t over do this month..enjoy it!

  6. We didn’t get the snow on the Cape. Well, it snowed for like 5 minutes. I love snow. That’s a beautiful photo. I can’t wait until we get lots of snow here.

    I haven’t even started shopping yet but I don’t have much to buy. We put up the tree this weekend.

    Have fun with all the stuff you have to do.

  7. Oh, Soooo pretty! Thanks for letting us know it snowed and showing us!
    Oh, no more job hunting for a while, because of “things”, hunh? 😦
    Still, it sounds like you have many activities and tasks ahead of you, and that Oscar is ready to pitch it! 🙂

  8. Oh that pic looks so wintery, so beautiful – it puts me in the Christmas mood. Like you I have tons to do! Have fun!

  9. It’s that time of year (overwhelming to say the least). I have a lot of things nagging at me too, it doesn’t feel so good, that’s for sure. Your picture is so pretty! We had a snow that stuck today just like that here in Illinois. Makes everything look soooo beautiful! Regardless, of hazardous driving conditions….. Good luck getting all of your things done. I say, scrap it all and cuddle with your dog 😉

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