Got the Time?

November 19, 2008

I’m Sorry, People! NOT that I need to apologize but I feel bad.   I have been fighting my PC once again – it’s just as annoying to read another post like that as it is for me to fight it, I’m sure.   But that is why I’m not blogging much.  and visiting you all.   I can’t seem to get any webpages to load.   I thought Firefox would fix this.    SO, I’m having technical difficulties.      BORING! Moonbeam gives warning for posts that might be depressing, maybe I should have a boring rating…      I’m just so terribly annoyed with sitting here WAITING…

Let’s try to think up something fun, shall we?

Yesterday, I was supposed to take my hub’s watch in to the jewelry store to see if they could fix it.   It doesn’t have a battery so that’s not what is needed, but anyway.    I THOUGHT I had put it in my pocket but when I got out of my car, the watch wasn’t there.   I searched the car but no watch.   OH NO!   Did it fall out while I was at the bank?   darn it!  WHAT TO DO.

Well, I thought I would just go on in and see if I could price a new watch.      Of course, the first question was “What price range are you thinking?”     I don’t know, try me.    “Some excellent watches can be had for $2000.”

After he picks me up from the floor, I told him to drop a zero.

I am not into the fancy watch thing.   Certainly, my husband isn’t, either.    I thought ROLEX was the big name but the sales guy mentioned quite a few I had never heard of and I had no idea Omega was such a ritzy brand.

Anyway, I went ahead and bought a Tissot Swiss something-or-other and it will be his ANNIVERSARY gift, his Christmas present and next year’s birthday gift as well!    SHHHEEEESH!   Who spends five figures on a watch?   not me.

Happy 20th Babe.     It’s pizza and beer at home tonight (so I can save up to pay for that damn watch.)



  1. Oh no! I guess the watch may turn up sometime. Maybe you just left the house without it? Watches (definitely under $200) make great gifts, don’t they? Happy anniversary!

    Thank you. I did end up finding it at home (guess I should have mentioned that.) Watches are fun but I don’t wear one anymore now that I carry my cellphone with me everywhere I go.

  2. My daughter who is manager of a high end Martha’s Vineyard jewelry store gets all sorts of jewelry and watches for free from the vendors. All they ask is that she wear them at work. She has a Rolex and an Omega. She also has bracelets that retail for like $1000 for free. Now that’s the kind of job that has benefits.

    I can’t imagine spending $2000 on anything except a car cause that’s the kind of cars I drive.

    I’m sure the hubby will love the watch you gave him.

    Hubby loved it! What a fun job your dot has. Saves Obie the task of buying stuff for her, too. Guess he’ll just have to shower her with flowers instead!

  3. I hope the other watch turns up so you can at least sell it or give it away to someone.

    Oh, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Twenty years? Nicely done!! I hope you have at least as many more happy and healthy ones together. Congratulations!

    Yep, I found it at home, sitting on the table like it was waiting for me. I don’t know what we’ll end up doing with it but good news is that we really don’t have to fix it – so maybe regifting IS an idea.

    Thanks for the congrats. Yes, twenty years, so fast! and all good.

  4. My Ex spent that … on me. And it wasn’t even what I wanted! I wanted a watch that looks like a bracelet for when I was getting dressed up. Nope, in typical fashion he totally ignored what I wanted and got me a typical style watch that just happened to cost $2000. It has broken twice on my, and each time I’ve paid $100 to get it fixed, because I felt badly about letting a $2000 watch languish in a drawer. Pssshhhh … I’ve gotten over that. It’s now languishing in a drawer. I should hawk it.

    It can suck when you sit and think of how much more fun it would be to spend the cash in other ways. Since it was the Ex, hawk it and buy some hottub fencing instead.

  5. I do commiserate with loading issues. 😦 However, you would have to work much harder than you have in order to be boring! I come from a family of watchmakers, and a Tissot is considered an excellent watch. And I would never spend that much (2000) on a watch either! Sheesh! Happy 20th!

    Well, good to know Tissot is worth it! A family of watchmakers? Sounds like a book title.

  6. I hope you find his watch, that is a bad feeling – you can rack your brain over and over again trying to figure out where it has gone…..

    Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary C- what a milestone!

    20 years gone and hopefully 20+ more just as happy. Thank you.

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