Photo Friday: Windows

November 14, 2008
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I don’t have much time to play on the PC on Fridays, actually from Thursday evenings, so this will be quick.  I dedicate this photo to Mrs. Nascar!     It’s a view from our rental car of the Kansas Speedway, looking east.     Taken in February 2008.



  1. very cool

    I figured you’d like it!

    Were you logged into WP when you left this comment? why didn’t your link-back work? do you not have your blog url in that box of your profile? You should check! People might want to follow your comment back to your blog and see your photo fridays….

  2. Cool picture!

    ah, you’re just saying that… (I was in a hurry!)

  3. Such a wide empty space – so little traffic. Cool.

    Oh, it is a VERY different traffic pattern on race day, let me assure you. And I think this was early Sunday morning.

  4. Kansas is the definition of empty space. 🙂

    I’m not sure I like your comment – but I’ll respect it. Have you been to Kansas? It’s got some very very pretty spots and yes, it has big sky… I love going back and driving the state. but I realize it’s not for everyone…

  5. Wow – so flat there compared to home!

    Actually, not that flat here – big sprawling slightly rolling hills-ish. What you mean to say is NO TREES!

  6. sorry i for got to link my page. I was getting ready to go out of town. so here is my link

  7. Okay, that IS what I meant! 😉

  8. Oh I just love that big wide open sky!!!!

  9. WOW!!!!!!!!

  10. happy wedding anniversary to you and your husband too! i didn’t forget that you told me before we have the same anniversary date, but you beat me to it. 🙂

    20 years is amazing!!! i wish you much happiness, and much loving for your 21st year and onwards!

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