November 13, 2008

I just wanted to announce something exciting that I will be doing tomorrow, Friday, November 14, 2008:    I’m playing ‘librarian’ at the nursing home I volunteer at!   I’m quite excited.

The only requirements were that I was willing to do it and I know how to alphabetize.  (in that order)  Check!

A local city library donated their discarded large print books and so I get to pull books off the shelves and now add the new (old?) ones!      I have permission to keep any that look good to me.   I’m to throw-away all the paperbacks and tiny print books and any damaged ones.     Actually, the paperbacks will be going to a big ‘sale’ that is upcoming…

I have always secretly wanted to be a librarian.   When I was trying to decide what to major in as a college freshman, I was turned off by how much education was required for the jobs that I thought sounded ‘fun’ and how much pay resulted upon graduation.   So sad!   Not that I am/was all that motivated by money but, well, I guess I was a bit upset by the cost/benefit ratio compared to other college degrees I could get.   Why not spend only 4 years (usually 5 if you mess up ANY semesters, like I did)  in college and get a degree that was paying huge!  (ie, engineering) compared to spending countless years getting a PhD in Library Science and earn half an engineer’s salary?   (I truly wish I could go back 25 years and re-think all this;  oh well.)

Back to tomorrow:

I’m really excited for this crazy task that I’m sure all the other volunteers rolled their eyes at and found better things to do with their time…     I’m playing librarian!

Did you ever play librarian as a kid? I did…

Also, did anyone see last night’s promo for next weeks’ episode of Bones?    hee hee…

In the meantime, I have reviews in my head of Marley & Me and Interpreter of Maladies = AWESOME! and can anyone remind me why I wanted to read The Mathematics of Love by Emma Dawson?  I’m on page 4 and already confused what’s going on.  I can’t find the review/blog that inspired me to bookmooch it.

* this is dreadful:   I was going to post this, since it is of more ‘book’ nature, on my other blog but I’m paranoid about that job I interviewed for and that the other blog is being looked at by people in a position to hire me!   Am I justified that this post doesn’t make me look too impressive?  sigh, I’m a basketcase…


  1. Oh yeah, definitely played librarian. I have four books from when I was a kid and one of them still has the little piece of paper I taped inside the cover that was supposed to be the identifying code. I’ve always loved books and any excuse to manipulate them, fondle them, stack and restack them… Can we just open our own library, since they say we aren’t qualified to organize the REAL library books? 🙂

    Are you in goodreads.com? do you do bookmooch? and of course, my blog, I guess – that is my virtual library!

  2. I was a library aid for my high school library. I really knew that Dewey Decimal system. I hope you have a good time with all those books. I think it’s wonderful that you volunteer at a nursing home.

    Knowing the Dewey Decimal system is resume-worthy! Oscar and I just got back from visitin’. He’s actually quite rude. He won’t look anyone in the eye, backs away when they attempt to pet him – he’s a sorry excuse for a ‘therapy’ dog! The nursing home has a cat and that is the ONLY thing he is interested in. But he’s a gracious and patient dog and sits quietly while I chat with my friends. I love going there. AND today, I was all ‘hey! I’ll be in the library all day tomorrow! come visit me when I’m reorg-ing all the books!!!!!! So, I know it will be fun.

  3. I am jealous of you! I should go volunteer at my library! I have often thought about it but got scared away from it since it’s been so long that I’ve visted that they probably don’t even use that old decimal system anymore. I saw no card catalogs the last time I was in – only computers – gack! Imagine using THOSE? LOL. Hmm – maybe I will still look into that, even if it is only one day a week or something. I wonder if you might want to volunteer at your library too instead of just the nursing home.

    I keep thinking I should join the library board or whatever their ‘Friends’ group is but I’ve not yet. Is your local library cool? I love libraries – ours has some cool architectural features…

    As for your posts – I think this is the place for your more expressive and passionate posts while the book one should be more strictly your discussion and thoughts on particular books, just to play it safe. I don’t think this makes you look unimpressive though. I just think it is more professional if you have less personal info (and safer all around) on a site that an employer looks at and can identify with you.

    “Strictly discussion and thoughts on books”?! yes, well, sounds boring when you say it like that. Ya know, I gotta be me! I just won’t swear there and I won’t complain and I will only be slightly silly. On one hand, any employer that thinks I’m just plain goofy for having a book blog and for writing/expressing myself the way I do – well, FUCK em. I don’t want to work for them. And really, they should be impressed I know how to read. ’nuff said. (yea, easier said than really being non-paranoid about it all!!!! ha)

  4. Oh, that would make me so happy! Books, alphabetizing (is that a word). In with the new, out with old. I love the smell of books. I love shelving books. Sigh …. that would be a fantastic volunteering experience for me.

    Yes, of course, alphabetizing is a word! How and why would you doubt that?! I had a great time…

  5. Hehe, sometimes I play librarian, but not at the old folks home. (I couldn’t even if I tried, my grandmother holds that place with an iron fist!) Sweet deal on the free books, how fun!

    hehe hee hee – whatever! I bet you do. I have way too many books – and most of them have been free. book-blogging has great rewards.

  6. With your love of ALL THINGS related to BOOKS, I could sooooo see you excited to be a librarian! And, kudos to you for volunteering at an old folks home, that is the sweetest thing!

    Are you in goodreads? I just got back from my day of playing librarian and I get to go back on Monday! (cuz I didn’t get done…)

  7. Oops…I never played librarian. I played artist or as an actress. I loved books and the library though, and I still do!!! So am I forgiven? 🙂

    I would love to write and illustrate a book..maybe a children’s book.

    I can’t wait to hear about your job interview. I know all will work out for the best!

    Good and creative energies to you!

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