Bad Poetry Minute and Linkity Love

November 11, 2008

Inspired by Teeni…

Oscar has to follow me…
But gets distracted by dog-TV.

He stares out the window and barks at a cat
(sorry, can’t think of anything interesting to rhyme with that)

I could point out  Annie’s latest post on change
But what rhymes with that besides home-on-the-range?

Yippee that Joan’s a bit more free of teeth-pain
Cuz entertainment with her blog is always our gain.

With Moonbeam asking questions of art cut-outs
For and of her great writing, we all give shout-outs!

OK, gotta go –  I can’t think of one more thing…
And, I’ve got Alice’s Restaurant and CHER in my head to sing!!!

So, I know this poetry is really quite bad,
But on the fact that I’ve posted again, aren’t you really glad???



  1. YAY! I’m glad you got inspired by my “so-bad-it’s-almost-good poetry.” 😉 How the heck are you? Been meaning to catch up and will try to email you soon.

    You are a constant inspiration with your energy and spirit. and poems.

  2. I think it’s great poetry. I’m still having A LOST marathon here so I’m a little behind in blogging. Thanks for the Linkity Love!!! And yes, I’m very glad you posted.

    You’ve watched so many LOST episodes YOU are going to be lost. (I’ve never seen it. I’ve never seen Survivor, either. and yea, I realize they aren’t related. I just don’t seem to catch the right shows at the right times… I kinda like Eli Stone – saw it last night.

  3. You’re hysterical. You really are. Thanks for the linky love and especially the bad poetry, I happen to love bad poetry. 😉

    ah Annie, thank you. And why does that not really surprise me? that you love bad poetry… hee hee

  4. This poetry is bad
    But this fact isn’t sad
    ‘Cos it made me smile
    And I haven’t in a while.

    So I thought I’d join in
    ‘Cos bad poetry’s not a sin
    And I can write crap
    at the drop of a hat.

    So thanks for the fun
    I can’t think of a pun
    To end my reply
    though I cannot deny
    I’m done!


    OH! YOU WIN! This is fabulous.

  5. oh i am so glad
    for poetry that’s bad
    you share some of your life
    tho filled with minor strife.

    i wish i could share more
    but i’m rolling on the floor 🙂

    wow! these poems are GOOD! so fun…

  6. Ha! Ha! Wow, let it roll off your tongue girl! GREAT JOB! Love it!

    Thanks! (I fixed it, is that OK?)

  7. Curious C’s a wonderful gal
    My photo shooting, blogging pal.
    Her heart’s as big as the sky above
    Thanks C, for the linky love.

    Aw, this is great! I’m really impressed with what we’ve done here!

  8. I really like your poem.
    I can’t think of a word that rides with poem.

    It’s great we can show ’em?

  9. Wendy – aren’t you glad you know ’em? 😉

  10. Boats- I like to row ’em.

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