Photo Friday: ACTION!

November 7, 2008

Today’s Photo Friday theme is action shots…  which means that I have MORE photos of my wonder-Pup Oscar!   At times, he goes into a mode we fondly refer to as ‘devil dog’.    This is Oscar being wild.

Click HERE
Click HERE














  1. With his spot of cocoa, that dog has gone plumb loco. 😛

  2. The dog look that he having fun. I love the 5th photo when he is running great photo

  3. You say it’s Oscar being wild. I see Oscar being joyous. Love it!

  4. What a cool series of shots! The last one is awesome: the duck looks like it is flying away!

  5. Fab! Oscar is awesome. Or should that be pawsome?

  6. That’s hilarious! Every night, my cats have what we call The Witching Hour. This is when the two of them roar around the house at top speed chasing each other. Over couches, under tables, threw their humans’ legs, and sometimes straight up the wall.

  7. Looks like Oscar was having a lot of fun…my cats run away from me when they see me coming with the camera. Very cute pictures!

  8. Well, I know Oscar’s full name is Oscar de la Hunta; but, for this post only, could he be “Oscar Wild(e)”? (hehe)
    He does indeed resemble one wild animal; and you’ve captured some beautiful, perfect moments, here.

  9. Awesome action shots of Oscar. Gosh, we should all have that much fun 😉

  10. Oh to be a dog and get so much fun out of running. Great shots.

  11. I’m exhausted and need a nap after seeing this collection of pics! Wild indeed!

  12. I love oscar!

  13. Oscar really is one helluva handsome dog. I thank you for making me more aware of this breed. I love the different shades in his coat. I also love Spidey’s rhyme up top there. 🙂 As for wild – we had a dog that used to go all crazy whenever he was unleashed. He would run so fast and take turns so fast that his chin would get gravel burn. LOL. He was aptly named, “Trouble.”

  14. I love that last action shot! I agree with everyone, if only we had that much fun running and playing! we should take note!

  15. I came to check on you. I liked these so much last time I scrolled down to look at them again. I thought I left a post here when I was here. I must be going crazy! :O

    Anyway, I loved these..if you look at them quickly he seems to be doing a dance!
    Oscar, the guru dancing dog!

  16. I meant I thought I left a comment..see I told you, I am going crazy!
    It is all started to blur together. hee, hee

  17. Please send him ASAP! I’ll pay the airfare.

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