Blog Conscious

November 5, 2008

I’m getting all self-conscious!   Maybe it’s more ‘blog’-conscious.

I had a job interview yesterday.   I was told that I was ‘googled’.    I only chuckled and said, “ah, so you found my blog.”

It’s not this one. whew!

And, I write my other blog – it’s mostly me yapping about books I’ve read – KNOWING that people I know and love IRL might read it.   In fact, I tell everyone about THAT blog and tell them all they have to do is type www. (myname) . com and they can read it.

However.   Now today, I was over at that blog typing a book review and a meme about a book challenge I’m participating in and I happened to go look at my stats.      Uh oh.   I’ve had a dramatic increase in the www. (myname) .com way to find my blog than normal.   I’m being checked out?!

SO, I got all self-conscious and wondered WHAT are these people thinking of me!   These aren’t people who know me, know I love to read, etc etc.    They are looking at me through discerning hiring eyes.

and so I wonder…     what impression am I giving?!

I quickly entered my website account and redirected the myname.com to NOWHERE.    but then I thought that was being too paranoid so I set it back to redirect to my blog.

oh well.    What’s done is done.


  1. I kinda get creeped out when I think someone I actually “know” in the “flesh” might be reading my blog. I mean, blogs is blogs, and life is life, right?
    Still, you might regard it as flattering that *someone* is taking such an interest!
    Keeping extremities crossed for it all to turn out for the best!!! 😀

    But you are so wise! and say cool profound things on your blog! I’d be proud to know you irl. Thanks for the best wishes.

  2. Don’t forget – you are pretty much anonymous over here – I don’t see how they could match you and this blog. I mean, I know your real name and stuff because we’ve met in person, but there is no way to tie this blog with your name. I think you are safe. 😉 Googling does sound kind of dirty. He should have been slapped. LOL. But then, no job for you. 😦

    Yea, that’s why this post is HERE and not at the OTHER blog. You think the other one is tame and makes me look smart?! snort.

  3. Haha, Teeni, “you better keep you google to yourself”. *SLAP!!!* 😛 That probably wouldn’t go over too well. 😉

    oh, but wouldn’t it have been FUN?! There are a few situations in former work times where I wish I had taken the opp to slap a few people for their stupid comments. No, this was interview was fine: when it was mentioned about google, we ended up talking about boats… (Pic of me on a boat with the dog…) I think it is fine.

  4. I try to be mindful that anybody and everybody has access to my blog. Even potential bosses. However, I keep my real name off the blog, to make it harder to be tracked in that manner. Hopefully.

  5. I am a Human Resources manager – and I have to be honest and say that I always google people I am thinking of hiring – there have been times when it’s made me change my mind – or I’ve uncovered lies they’ve told on a CV. Protected posts for private shit is best, don’t you think?

  6. Personally, I always keep my web profile concealed. No one can really google for info about me. 🙂

  7. I have my name on there for all to see. :O I worry more about friends and family. I try to be careful what I say on there, because I am a very private person..especially concerning family and friends. 🙂

    Loved your photo Friday post!

    Sending you good energies especially for your job search!!

  8. I like to google myself to see what people would see. Maybe one day I’ll regret it, but it is exciting just to be out there, available for connection. Maybe I already feel too anonymous IRL. I don’t think I’ve ever been googled by an employer, though. I might feel differently then.

    I heard on the news last night that some public school teachers are getting in trouble for things they put on their Facebook profiles. It wasn’t anything too horrible, just sounded like run-of-the-mill frustration like “These kids are driving me nuts” kind of venting. But it made me think, do we honestly have to split our identities into two completely separate boxes, the ultra public and the hyper private? Shall the twain ever meet? Something to ponder. (oooo… I feel a post coming on… 😉 )

    It’s a different feeling being ‘observed’ when you don’t know who is doing the observing and what they are looking for. Anyone who knows me can find my other blog so I just always try to be nice there. I don’t, however, try to be ‘impressive’!

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