Photo Friday: Night

October 10, 2008
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(the click HERE thingy above isn’t working and I don’t have a lot of time to fight with my PC this morning so, I invite and encourage you to visit Jan/Author, Host of Photo Friday, by clicking:  http://j9marshall.wordpress.com/2008/10/10/photo-friday-night/)

This is what my house looks like at night.   I was playing with the night setting on my camera but I’m not impressed.   All sorts of red images show through the viewfinder warning me, or inviting me to review other settings I’m sure, but alas, I can’t read the manual outside.  at night.  Enjoy, anyway!


And this next one is a photo of my dog.  At night.  In the dark. 



  1. OK – the dog at night really made me laugh. You’re taking the p*ss right? It’s hilarious! I love it.

    What. Think I’m showing a bit too much ‘tude?

  2. We’ll have to work on this category!!!

    nah, let’s just get to the bridges. Over troubled waters, please!

  3. The night ate the dog that’s why you can’t see it, right? That was funny! You have a pretty house.

    Thank you. I really did and this really is the picture of the dog. I think. I DID take a picture of my dog! I swear!!

  4. LOL. Oh you funny girl, you. I will send some good energy your way. I’m looking for a job right now too. And I totally hear you about the whole “used to get paid a lot of money but now can’t find a job making half that.” Same thing on my end. Oh, and yes, I did read this post and the next one in the wrong order. LOL.

    By the way, the pic of the dog at night in the dark? I think you uploaded it sideways. No wonder it doesn’t look right to me. 😉

    ha ha. sigh.

  5. I like the house pic, and the slight blur gives it a slight creepy atmos, great pic. The dog on, mmm, cant see the dog even the right way up, but can see a bald man close to the top peeping out, just by the two lines sticking out (which are trees the other way).

    Forget Wheres Wally, this is Wheres Dog

    this was fun!!

  6. Your dog is so CUUUTE! Awwwwe!

    You know, pet photography may very well be your calling. I’ve rarely seen anyone capture the black tone subtilities as well as you do. 😉

    hee hee. I take SO MANY FRIGGIN’ pics of my dog!! and he won’t look at me when I have the camera in front of my face.

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