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October 7, 2008

Tripping along the blogosphere, I found a post somewhere yapping about a website that tells you where you should live based on what you like.   The blogger was amazed at how RIGHT this website was in not only identifying where she lived NOW (very creepy.  or lucky?) and that the other top 10 places would be just fine, too.

So, I hopped over to FindYourSpot.com and took the quiz.   Hub and I are always wondering where we should retire.    That is, if we ever any savings left by then to retire on.   Anyway,

Be careful of all the checkboxes wondering if you would like more information, of course, but I was stunned to discover…

the place they think would be a great fit for me…

my ‘SPOT’, if you will…





ANCHORAGE ALASKA  !?!??!?!??!?!?!? 

I guess maybe I can go moose hunting with Sarah Palin.



  1. C,
    Anchorage, Alaska? Are you fricking kidding me? What would you do with your yacht? Hmm sounds a little fishy to me. 😉

    exactly! ‘fishy’ – Teeni’s probably right. I did check that we liked to hunt and fish but I didn’t think such activities are isolated to AK. When I tried to re-do the quiz, funny thing: all my top spots were Hawaii!!

  2. Really? Wow. That seems remote. I may have to try this thing out for myself. I’ll report back.

  3. Well, it gave me a bunch of places and none of them were in Alaska so you must have really given postive answers to the hunting and fishing questions. LOL. That was fun.

    so WHERE was your spot!? You are correct – I think I got overzealous on the strength of my answers for hunting and fishing. I tried it again and got more decent places. NOT that there’s anything wrong with Anchorage; it’s just a bit far away…

  4. Alaska looks kind of cool, I really like those funky little towns where everybody goes to the same bar at night and hangs around. Like in Northern Exposure. And Mystery, Alaska. Love that movie.

    I’m afraid to go that website you’re talking about. It will just tell me what I already know, that I don’t belong in Texas.

    oh Wendy! I know you miss Cape Cod. {HUGS} I’ve actually visited Anchorage and it was kind of cool. But I don’t think of Alaska as my top retirement destination.

  5. I took the quiz..until it got to the end and they wanted personal info. So I guess I’ll never know. Maybe this just confirms what I already knew..I am a hermit…with a gypsy-heart! 🙂

    I would love to visit Alaska..maybe live there in the summer months (it is sooo hot here in Florida)! I don’t know if I could survive the winter months in Alaska though. :O

    Who knows we might meet there for coffee someday!

    Funny that you mention how hot it is in FL. I’ve actually never visited the hot states in summer. and I wonder just how hot and humid Florida really gets! I’ve been to TX in summer but that’s it.

  6. Ha! Ha! Ha! Funny girl! That’s so cool, I just have to go check that out! Alaska sounds gorgeous though… what do you think, was it a good match for you and the huz? Or were they way off?

    I really could live anyway – I’m happy whereever I am, usually. and Alaska is pretty cool, but it’s a long way from the parents.

  7. Now I’m wondering what you answered to get told Alaska!

  8. Anchorage? Alaska? Isn’t it cold there?

    I’m curious to take the quiz. I’ve always said I’d love to live near the beach. Or at least some body of water. We’ll see…

    I think the system thought that since I checked yes to hunting and fishing that the only place I really would be happy is in Alaska. But I’m not fishing for King Crab! or chasing mooses, either.

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