Essay: What I Did This Weekend

October 6, 2008

An essay in photos.    I had 9 yards of dirt delivered last week and I moved most of it.    We planted a few trees and then celebrated by spending Sunday at the Boston Boat Show.   Good times.   I’m sore;  I’m tired.

         This is where that dirt went.   We built up 2 sides with railroad ties so that we didn’t have to dig as deep a hole for the Cedar tree nor have to buy a more expensive taller tree.   We are hoping this guy (the variety is ‘green giant’) will block our view of the neighbors so we can play naked in the hot tub.

          This is a less caddywompus view.   Anyone know how to spell ‘caddywompus’ correctly?

     Trees were 50% off so we bought this birch tree, too.    This spot should make for very happy tree – lots of wet land here.  And blocks the view of our neighbors playset.

  Then…  BOATS!!!!!

                   Any of these will do.   The one on the right is preferable…   Unfortunately, not as affordable.

  We completed our day with a lovely mid-afternoon meal at Anthony’s Pier4.   I had the Fish Chowder – yum!!   Then back home to watch football.   And the poor Red Sox.



  1. There is just nothing as nice as messing around with boats!

    …nothing as nice AND CONFUSING! and frustrating how much it all costs. golly, these boats are pricey… We had a lovely time. Nothing quite as romantic as holding hands and jumping on and off expensive boats and dreaming “someday”.

  2. *chuckle* This weekend the Lion built a temporary privacy screen around our hot tub so that we can enter, play in, and exit it naked without the neighbours getting a look. Next Spring we will build a permanent structure.

    Nice boats, btw. The Lion wants one similar to the one on the right. The reality of the situation is, ours looks similar to the one on the left.

    Temporary privacy screen? send me the plans? I was thinking (still am, actually) of hanging curtains…

  3. Wow! That was a lot of work moving all that dirt. But window-boat shopping? Very cool! Also, Anthony’s Pier 4 – very yummy! Sounds like a great and productive weekend! 🙂

    It was a LOT of dirt. I have to order mulch today. The boats were awesome!

  4. You make me feel inadequate… but I’m waiting for the naked pictures of the hot tub!

    Nathalie with an H! hello! And please don’t feel inadequate – why? for moving all that dirt?! puhlease… I had to do it since the hub thought I wouldn’t be able to. I am a bit amazed at myself but my legs and body are paying me back. Besides, your photos make me feel inadequate! No pics of nekkid hottubbing forthcoming, sorry.

  5. Birch trees can be so gorgeous when they grow up. I hope your new privacy providing trees thrive. It sounds like fun to enjoy the hot tub outside. Can you use it year round?

    Yes, I’m hoping the trees are happy with us. The hot tub is awesome and sits half way under the deck so we can sort-of have a cover and yet also see the stars. Oh yes, year round. The colder outside the better the hot tub feels! It’s a good setup – except the neighbors often leave their outside lights on and its proximity … too close.

  6. “(one of)The things I did on Monday”: Looked at a picture of dirt! 😉 Wouldn’t have figured I’d enjoy that, but I did! It’s interesting about the ties and all. I hope your cedar and aspen grow big and strong and make you forget all about the neighbors.
    I liked looking at the boats. Reminds me of spending time at the piers in Northern California when I lived there. We have no water here (totally landlocked state) but have the most boats per capita—go figure! Fish chowder! Fresh, no doubt! I celebrate with you your satisfied palette.

    Really? most boats per capita – strange! I look around at this big ol’ house and wish it was a tiny boat rocking on the gentle waves instead…

  7. Actually we did hang curtains. Sort of. What he did was take 3 panels of trellis (approx 6’x 8’each) attach them to posts, and support the posts in cinder block. We then went and found really nice fabric remnants (plain one for the view from the road, and patterned for the view from the tub) and stabled it to the trellis. Seems to be working well so far. It will come down in the Spring when we build a deck around the tub and proper privacy screening.

    Brilliant! I bought some fleece and was thinking of sewing rings for hanging on hooks – just when we need them. That’s as far as I got.

  8. Maybe you and your hubby should just romp naked in your hot tub a time or two and offend the neighbors. Then they could build the privacy screen!

    I love your trees.

    Thanks Moonbeam. Their house is up from ours so even a tall fence won’t prevent them seeing our yard. and there isn’t a lot of tree planting space either so it is a challenge. (This is the same neighbor who tried to keep my nifty keen orange spoon, if you remember THAT post!)

  9. Words cannot express how impressive it is that you moved nine yards of loam. To me anyway. Nice picture post C! 😀

    Thank you. I only moved about six, but it was plenty. I hired a highschool kid to help me. BUT YESTERDAY! I moved 2+ yards of mulch! I know, mulch isn’t as heavy…

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