It Makes Me Smile, Too

September 30, 2008

I’ve been tagged!   By Peter Parkour, for a Feel-Good Meme  (I think.  I seem to have missed the explicit instructions.)

OK, I’ve been trying to think of a song that makes me smile.   I can think of quite a few but none that really make me jump for joy…     I was reminded of the fun songs from my freshman year of college that when they came on the radio, all of us (well, the cool ones of us!) would all squeal, stop our studies and move into the hall to dance:   Wham! ‘s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and Madonna’s Holiday.

There is that time down in Cancun when we were at Carlos’ n Charlie’s when Sweet Home Alabama started playing and all the Americans went absolutely NUTS.   That was a fun time.

Of course, I could refer you to Duffy, one of my most googled posts.  (In fact, this post is my TOP POST evah!  with over 1300 hits.)  

But, I can’t decide.    So, consider this Part ONE.    I’ll have to think about it some more.  



  1. Warwick Avenue was a cute little song, but I’m looking forward to part too. 😉 Thank you for playing along Curious C. 🙂

    The only real instructions here are to have fun and show me a little love. I do believe you’ve lived up to both. :mrgreen:

    oh good. I was worried. I’m still toe-tapping and thinking of good songs, I am. I gotta make this LAST.

  2. Wow. Curious C goes all out! LOL. Two parts, even! I’m wondering what else she will add. I better start thinking of the songs that make me smile.

    I do? I was just not feeling it yet, ya know? I’ll figure it out eventually…

  3. I don’t usually do tags, but I enjoy reading everyones.

    I like Duffy a lot!

    I totally understand – no obligation even if I did tag ya! These memes are just wonderful for connecting to other bloggers and giving something to post when the ideas seem boring…
    I’ve heard Duffy is up for a few awards for something. (I don’t really follow the music award shoes but I heard her name mentioned on the radio and it wasn’t just NEXT SONG IS BY….)

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