September 23, 2008

For those of you curious and/or keeping track, I will continue with the next in the series of my jobs past, present and future.  

In celebrating the one year anniversary of my ‘career’ as a casual blogger in a post mid-August, I answered a few of your questions.   At that time, FightingWindmills (who inspired me to buy some headbands…) had asked if I had applied for that government job from Part 1.      And the final answer is…  NO.   I thought I had a deadline of the end of September, but I just yesterday when I got around to re-looking at the application realized that I had only to Sept 4.   Ooops.   The universe has given me another sign.  ha, snort.

So let’s explore something totally different than the present or the mere recently-past.   Let’s go back to college.    

I did have a little job then.   This job was more of a paycheck-of-the-heart kind (see any themes yet?) and was not one to help me pay the bills.   I am grateful for my parents for that  incredible gift AND that they don’t begrudge me for what may seem the little I’ve used it.    

My little job was teaching learning skills to freshman who had low ACT scores.     Because I went to a state school, the university was required to accept ALL who wanted to attend.   However, it was assumed that poor scores would translate to at-risk and higher drop out rates (which affects money from the state legislature) so these frosh had to take Learning Skills.

It was fun.   Truly, a third of my students were struggling kids who did take advantage of the resources, another third were grumpy slackers who had NO interest in higher education (Mummy and Duddy were ‘making them’ go to school), and the other third were adults returning to college who were scared to death to be there, but had the brains to not need me at all.   They just got a little encouragement and a 2 hour credit of “A” and I left them alone.   I had a few student-athletes, too.   Their challenge was being in town enough to show up.


(I just took a quick break for an errand I had to run and was able to think more about this while away from the computer.   I did enjoy this job.    Do I have it in me to return to some kind of education?    Can I do freelance tech training?  Hmmm.   The “now” challenge is knowing the latest and greatest to teach.  AND it would require travel.    Flying far away would be cool but commuting into Boston would SUCK.)


I remember being THRILLED with the interview process when I applied for this college job;  it was a group interview.   [I thrive on being the center of attention WHEN I can sense that everyone else is not so thrilled.   Sadistic?   It’s more like being the one guy in a crisis with the cool head.   Except I’m horrid in a crisis.  But    in a non-crisis FUN mode, I’m the leader and the organizer and the happy-happy idea-generator.   Sickening,  I know.]      They had ALL the candidates who showed up for the information session break ourselves down into group of threes and then the true administrators joined each group and we had ‘discussions’.   I think we played some name games, too.  Then we had to think up 3 questions to ask each other and tell why we would be good learning skills instructors.   I was jazzed.   I’m amazed I remember this so clearly.   I even recall which building on campus this was in!

They called us back for individual one-on-one interviews later that week.    I was excited to be offered the chance to teach.    We then had to be trained ourselves and then the next semester, we taught our own classes of about 20 students.     I was absolutely terrified that first class.   But I did fine.   I think we got one hour of credit and a small monetary thankyou payment.   

So, why didn’t I want to major in education?    Two words?   LOW SALARY.    I was into the allmighty dollar chasing concept.   Actually, no chasing  about it.   I wanted to sit and let those dead presidents rain down on me in multiple quantities.     

Next in series:   My dilemma of what to choose for a college major.    It had everything to do with “Which major would result in highest starting salary upon graduation?”    If most degrees required 4 years of study, why   WHY!?!?   would I waste my time on 4 years with a possibility of no job and not being able to pay rent???   That just didn’t make any sense to me.

No one had ever explained to me the idea that a career should ‘feed my soul’ …   


Your reason and your passion are the rudder and the sails of your seafaring soul. If either your sails or your rudder be broken, you can but toss and drift, or else be held at a standstill in mid-seas. For reason, ruling alone, is a force confining; and passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction. Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion, that it may sing; And let it direct your passion with reason, that your passion may live through its own daily resurrection, and like the phoenix rise above its own ashes.

~ Kahlil Gibran Quotes from The Prophet


*  Thank you to the lInternet Accuracy Project with assistance in converting 738 to CDDXXXVIII


  1. The Internet Accuracy Project? Wow, you’re hardcore. Well, that’s great that you liked Andrea’s headbands. I love sarcastic graphics like the image you found for “government jobs.” That’s funny, and totally my style.

    Actually, you remind me that I need to check my email – I’m doing the mail-the-check option and kind of goofed up my ordering… Actually, I tested my Roman Nums and found I had it right! I was so proud of myself…

  2. What would feed my soul right now is retirement on full salary! LOL! Not a hope of that though …

    Full salary? It’s getting the defn right to the universe so it can deliver that has been my challenge, ha!

  3. This was a really interesting read. I enjoy learning about the jobs you had and how you handled yourself. You seem to be very honest about things. I’m looking forward to reading more of these. Andrea’s headbands are very pretty too. 🙂

    Teeni, I’m writing these ALL FOR YOU. Thank you for being the audience in my head as I write. You’re the bestestestestest.

  4. Great quote… reason and passion so seldom seem to hang out together! But how amazing if we cultivated such a partnership.

    I’m with you on the education thing… It seems that people who want to dedicate themselves to such a vocation shouldn’t find themselves crippled with student loan debt for the rest of their adult lives. How can you serve your community in a thankless job when you can’t even afford to go on the occasional vacation to recharge yourself?

    Thanks Elena! (you are now accepted into the honorary Curious “C” fan club and all comments from here on out will always show up without me ‘moderating’ them.)

    Gibran has a bunch of great quotes about work and passion and stuff. I just read The Prophet – quite fascinating!

  5. I hope you can get your order straightened out. Do you know what I discovered yesterday? The headbands that have different fabrics on the inside and the outside can be reversed. How cool is that? I just reversed my birds to the orange and white leaves pattern for a little variety.

    OOOoo NEAT-O! I’m looking forward to getting mine.

  6. You know C, it sounds like teaching in some capacity is your thing. There are all kinds of approaches you could take to that. If you have a particular skill you might even be able to create your own class that you could offer either privately or through a local city college or night school program. A friend of mine just got a job as an activities director at a senior citizen home which she is thrilled about. I think teaching of some sort is in your future.


    Thanks, Annie! I do have a blast with my seniors teaching them internet skills. Lightbulbs were going off over their heads today! very fun.

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