Happy AWAKE Monday

September 22, 2008

Almost 7 am here as I begin to type another free association, stream-of-consciousness post.    Seems to be my MO this September.

Anyway,  just saying that I’ve been up since 4:12 am and I was awake off and on since the dog needed to go out at 2:11 am this morning.    Ah, THAT was redundant?      After making coffee and sending the Hub off to his business travels, I’ve been…. BLOGGING!

Point?  yep, I’m up, awake, and expect I’ll be quite cranky later.    

What was I thinking about as I lay awake between the hours of 3 and 4?    I was casting the movie of the book I just read for some of that time.   And I was writing blog posts in my head.    Horrible, negative, WHINY posts that I want people to read and then am too embarrassed to post and so I never actually get the words typed out.   Maybe it’s therapeutic to do such?     Journal out the crap in your head, get it OUT, and move on.    Except, in this situation, it was just recorded and saved for later use.   It’s still ruminating in my brain juices, I’m sure.

What book did I just read?   Garden Spells  by Sarah Addison Allen.  I enjoyed it.  (I’m still languishing on page 100 or so of Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children.   Impressed?!  snort.)

So, I was laying there wondering how come I can’t think of who should play the guy parts!    I think Claire should be played by Jennifer Garner and I think Sydney could go to Katherine Heigl.     Chloris Leachman HAS to be Evanelle.   But the guys?   I’m stumped.    Of course, my fave, John Cusack could be Tyler, I suppose.   But for Henry, I’m blanking…    I’m thinking I might not be watching enough television.  WTF?   This should be a fun and easy diversion for me…   I can only think of OLD actors.   I’ll think of someone and realize, ah… Henry is late 20s and I can’t think of any actors who are under 40.   

SO, maybe this is why I couldn’t sleep.     Hurricane Ike familes are still displaced, the banking crisis has to be dealt with before our congressmen take vacation, we have delightful choices for the upcoming Presidential vote, and I can’t sleep because I can’t find the right actor to play the parts in a nice sweet romantic comedy?  

Just where are my priorities, anyway?   Go have a Happy Monday.    Please.   and take a nap later if you can!



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  1. Awww, I hate that. I hate laying awake while things run through my mind and I seem to have no control over them. Lucky for me, I took 2 Tylenol PM’s last night and I slept like a baby.

    I hope you get a nap later 😉

    TWO TynenolPMs?!?! eek – they DO work great, don’t they… If I had known I couldn’t sleep, I might have taken one. But it’s not a great idea at 3 am.

  2. Happy Monday Morning! Wow I too hate when that happens! Usually I lay awake with things running in my head, and right before my morning alarms goes off I fall back to sleep!!! Enjoy your monday! Sneak a nap in if you can!

    OH Hallie, thank you! I wish I could bestow a wonderful refreshing nap for you, too. AND the power to give the same to your kids JUST when you need them to take one? That would be a good superpower for a superhero, actually…

  3. LOL! I do those casting things in my head a lot too. And John Cusack is awesome. I had a beer last night thinking it would help me sleep. It didn’t. Nuts.

    It’s scary, Teeni, that we like so many of the same things! Beer won’t help you sleep unless you drink enough of it and then it won’t be the GOOD kind of sleep. Just cut out all stresses in your life, and you’ll sleep fine. (don’t you HATE it when you hear stupid advice like that?!)

  4. Oh, I’ve been in that place, lying in bed writing posts in my head or bad poetry. Knowing I’m going to be cranky later because I didn’t sleep and that a nap probably will only make me feel more weird if I break down and take one later. As to casting books? I can do sometimes and other times I am totally stumped. I don’t see enough movies anymore myself – although it seems there isn’t much out there lately too. I guess I have to feel really compelled to see a movie if I’m going to pay ten bucks to see it.

    The good news C is that this stuff passes and then you hit your fun little place where all the cool and great ideas come from and you’re on a roll again. Don’t despair. Take a walk, and some cool pictures and eat your favorite breakfast. It may not give you any great ideas but it will make you feel better.


    Hmmm, now you’ve gotten me thinking what IS my cool breakfast? I don’t have any Lucky Charms in the house… Thank you for your wonderful comments. Hugs back at ya, C

  5. AT least you contributed….they aren’t that bad….although the black and white one makes the banana look like it’s ready for banana bread!

    Thank you. The banana was eaten quite quickly after photo shot. It’s fame came posthumously.

  6. Thank GOD I haven’t woken up at 4:00 a.m. with blogstuff on my brain. Though one of Moonbeam’s recent posts resonated such in my brain. Usually the day’s activities are enough to pound my brain to crap. And I sleep just great.

    Today was a pretty happy Monday- it was Mountain Day at the college. Classes are canceled and we all go climb Mt Kearsarge. Always a fun event. Not usually done on a cloudy Monday, but hey, it was fantastic.

    I’ve even DREAMED about blog posts! And also thought, after particulary strange dreams, that it would make excellent blog fodder. I’m glad you have stayed immune from this malady.

    Your school sounds wonderful. I wish there was a nice cool college within 10 miles of where I live. (I hate commuting.) See what you’d miss with an online college?!

  7. Ugh! I do that book-to-movie thing in my head too! First started in grade seven with “Through the Hidden Door”. Something about a boy and a cave. Anyhee, I even tried my hand at a novel, but thought “But then it’ll get turned into a movie, and there’s no way they could get that adorable bass player from the Goo Goo Dolls to drop forty pounds to play the rogue. Well that’s just not right…”

    I guess I never considered browsing actual actors for the roles 😛

    You are EFFING hilarious! I love your excuse for not writing your novel – too funny!

  8. See, confession is good for the soul! I do that casting thing, also! You are not alone! There is a lot of insomnia going around; I keep reading that. We live in restless times, methinks. I DID take a nap! Thank you. 🙂

    wow! I had NO IDEA other people cast books they read! It usually comes up when a book discussion lags, but still. Amazing research I’m conducting here.

    I took a nap, too. I was still in a bit of a fog all day.

  9. […] Philosophy | I’m trying out a stream-of-consciousness kind of thing I have stolen from Curious C, as I’ve just not been in the mood to write, lately! I had a great time at the Mars lecture […]

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