Photo Friday: Food

September 19, 2008
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I posted the above and thought it was just a little boring.  What will you all comment on?  “Nice Fruit.”   ya whatever, right?
SO please do click on the Photo Friday badge at the top to get to Author’s list of everyone who participates.   Or good bet, that the comments I get today will be from others who have photos of food to share.   Photos to share of food.   another whatever….
I was behind the 8ball for this one…   I sure wish I could have taken a pic of the CostaRicaIndependenceDayCelebration Dinner we had on Sept 15.  We had black beans and rice, grilled chicken AND steak, salad with homegrown tomatos, and pineapple for dessert.   (You’ll just have to imagine it…)   And then later in the week, I decided it was time for PESTO.   I make mine from the Pace Picante cookbook which is only spinach, pecans, parmesan cheese, garlic and Pace Picante sauce.  On linguine – YUMM-O!   (Rachael Ray doesn’t have the expression trademarked, does she?)
SO, this a.m, I grabbed the camera and set up the only fruits I got in the house and snapped a few, then played with the effect.  wa la!    


  1. MMMMMMM…those look yummy!

    Eeek! I’m almost out of bananas! One can never have too many. The grapes have seeds so they are bit irritating to eat. I shouldn’t be so picky. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I like that you did different effects with the picture. I barely have any fruit in my house. I don’t eat fruit, typically, too much sugar in it. I prefer my sugar the natural way like in chocolate? 😉

    HeeHee! Natural sugars like chocolate!?! snort. too funny. Thanks ANNIEBANANIE!

  3. I thought it was clever to do the effects thing with the photo. I doubt that it would have occurred to me. We have a lot of fruit in the house but I don’t usually bother eating it. I’m with Annie, if I am going to get my sugar it is usually from something that has chocolate in it. Though I will eat strawberries (with chocolate). That pesto sounds good. If I dumped the pecans and used my FF Parmesan it would be weight watchers approved.

    But the pecans are important! Surely, SOME nuts are on the WW plan? I know they are high fat but it’s the good fat, right?

  4. I’m glad you didn’t go too crazy with the food porn. I don’t need the temptation. Your photos are great and will keep me having good meals today. 🙂 The reflection and the shadows in the last one are actually pretty interesting. 🙂

    Oh, Teeni! That’s right! I could have poured some chocolate syrup on them for you but… I don’t have any chocolate syrup. oh well. The last photo was the non-flash one when the camera kept ‘yelling’ at me to USE THE FLASH!!!

  5. Frozen grapes. Yummy!

    OOOO! Great idea! I’ll just toss these in the freezer for a minute or two…. Thanks!

  6. My favorite is the last one… Very cool!

  7. Hey, I can appreciate this! I’m starvn’ marvn’! It all looks good to me- B A N A N A- looks perfectly ripe for eating…. Instead, I’m stuck here at work with a protein drink because I have acid reflux the last few days so, yeah, I liked this picture!!!

    Thanks JQ! Hope you’re back to yummy solid food soon.

  8. Great composition, and I like the contrast of colours you did. A lot more imaginative than just snapping pics of food we all ate (not bridges).

    wow, I’m humbled, THANK YOU! Your photography is AMAZING. I did give this assignment a bit of simpleness; I can do better, I hope.

  9. Nice composition and the pics made me yearn to raid my fruit bowl – so I’m off to fetch grapes to nibble (seedless of course!)

    Thx! I just finished the grapes that I put in the freezer per leafless’ comment. delicious!

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