Quick and Boring

September 18, 2008

Hmmm, this title was typed and then I started to think that maybe I might give everyone the wrong impression.  (Wondering if I was about to describe a recent sexual encounter?  NO, not that!)  


I’m typing just to type!  (again)   My two-posts-ago post was a similar bust-through of blogger-block.  WHAT TO POST ON?   I have 17 drafts in my draft-well and yet, none seem post-worthy but I also don’t want to delete them.

That post also put a few of you asleep, so I will keep this short.   THUS?   Quick – I don’t plan on typing much and BORING – certainly, the opposite of exciting.

CuriousC as a little kid - way back when. (the 70s)

Where does the expression ‘oh well’ come from and what does it really mean?

Thank goodness, Photo Friday is tomorrow.   I think the theme will be COLORs.   UH OH!  NOPE!   The theme is FOOD!    Darn, I’ve cooked some really yummy meals recently and failed to photo-doc the evidence.   I was getting ready for the colors of the season theme but that is NEXT week.

Food, huh?    Maybe I’ll do a funky still-life with the fruits & veggies in the house…     ANYONE WITH A SUG, please comment with such!  Thank you very much.     

CuriousC's avatar




  1. Hey! I think I had the same coat!

  2. Aw, you were such a little cutie! If the subject is food, I’m thinking that the season for baked goods is upon us. Of course, that just may be selfish of me because it is my choice of food porn. 😉

  3. Just open your cupboard door or fridge and take a photo. You got food there, right? That’s the easy way out then you don’t have to cook. Or take a photo of someone’s garden.

    I love the kid photo of you. What a cutie.

    I’ll check tomorrow to see what you came up with. Good Luck!!!

  4. You are brave to just go with the stream of consciousness thing. Good for you. I had to laugh—I have about 15 drafts, too, some of which have GREAT titles, but not much content…Oh Well 😀
    Cutie little you with the cutie pointy hood. 🙂

  5. Damn, I’m still awake! Maybe the picture’s what did it. Cute!

    I think I’m bore proof.

    Impressed at your having 17 drafts. I have one that’s been in the draft bucket for like a year. You wanna talk about BORING? It’s about a computer operating system.

    Your being ‘bore-proof’ is a sign of your superior intelligence. and re: the op sys? I MIGHT read it… I bet your could spice it up somehow with a few good words and pithy quotes. (your comments seem to inspire the most interesting words to type from my fingers. PITHY?!)

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