Book Blogger Appreciation Week

September 17, 2008

What the HECK is a book blogger?    Well, the book blogging part of the blogosphere is incredible!  If you want to read a review of a book, just go into a blog that specializes in reviewing books and you can usually find excellent discussion (and eek!  some spoilers) from some fun, witty, awesome bloggers.

If you can’t find me here, you can usually find me at my alter-ego site*  here.   (and if you view back a post or two, I’ve included some photos of me as a kid…   Gosh, I was a cutie.  WHAT HAPPENED?!  hee hee)

Anyway, I’m KOOL.   Thought you should know.   Do follow the links to Chartroose and the others; if you dare.    As part of BBAW, we were asked to list our favorites.   Chartroose lists a LOT of the ones I visit frequently.    (If you do it from that site, they’ll know it’s me and not get confused which is why I’m not linking direct.   Plus I want the self-link-love.   Very emotionally healthy.   um, maybe not…  neurotic, actually)

Book bloggers are starting to be quite a reckoning force for author connections, marketing and publicity.   and, as a reader, you can win a ton of books if you plug into the many contests.   I’ve found the book blogging community to be extremely generous.   Authors, too.    It’s fun to talk with them about their books.

I’m thinking about entering an online readathon in October.    This is a 24 hour period where we READ READ READ all we can and then blog every so often to share how many pages we’ve progressed.   I was a cheerleader for one in June – what a blast!   All for a good cause, of course.  


*  I don’t mind THIS site knowing about THAT site but like to leave this site more anonymous and a place to dump my crazy thoughts.   While THAT blog is known to my family and friends, so I don’t usually tell THOSE people about THIS IdeaJump! place.   Make sense?    Maybe anonymous isn’t quite the correct term;  perhaps ‘less true-identity specific’ or “identity vague” – even better.


** Like we NEED  more blogs to visit!??  I know, I know.


One comment

  1. I totally get the identity-vague thing. I’m not at all vague on my blog, but I had two for a while. The other one was identity-vague, but people at work knew about it. Then when all my client became douchebags, I figured it was time to move on over somewhere a little more private 😉

    I promise when I’m not tied down knitting (yuk yuk yuk yuk *slaps knee*) I’ll get back to reading! Or if I could knit and read at the same time, that would be the ultimate in multitasking!

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