Fun Bits and Pieces

September 16, 2008

The best advice for writer’s block (blogger-block, in this case) is to just lay the fingers on the keyboard and start typing.   Anything.

… ♦ …

I’m drinking cinnamon flavored coffee from the fill-the-bag brand (which I can’t recall, Java something?) that is for sale at the local Stop And Shop grocery store.    Sometimes I mix it with Dunkin Donuts regular flavor and sometimes with that AND hazelnut from Eight O’Clock coffee.

The husband was underfoot yesterday so I didn’t have much time to play on the PC.    Crazily, when he tries to work from home, his PC works much faster if the home PC is OFF.   Whatever.   I actually get a lot of house stuff done or I leave and go shopping.   (I bought a bunch of LLBean lighted hats at the outlet for Holiday gifts.   Yep!  I start  E A R L Y)

… ♦ …

Today is Maid Day.      Employing a cleaning service is something that I’m mildly embarrassed to admit.   But that is silly.    We got addicted to having a clean house on a regular schedule when I was working full-time as a computer programmer while also selling cosmetics.    I would rather have a cleaning service than cable TV and probably internet service.    I’d give up beer first.    I could think of tons of expenses that are frivolous compared to my clean floors at someone else’s labor.     Plus, I can feel good giving a person a job.    I would feel horrible if we had to fire her.   

It’s that regular thing that gets in my way when considering the concept of cleaning my house myself.   I hate to clean floors.   I don’t mind toilets and showers and mirrors.   Dusting doesn’t bother me.  But I abhor sweeping and mopping.     Plus, it takes me 4 times as long to clean as it does my Martha.     And, I tend to put off to tomorrow what won’t get done today, so the time between cleanings gets stretched.     It’s just better for everyone’s peace of mind and comfort to hire someone to clean.     Have I beat this horse enough?   Oh, it being Maid Day means I have to spend an hour or so ‘picking’ up and doing a few rounds of laundry.   all good.

… ♦ …

I love days of white snow on the calendar.   That’s what we called it on during my direct selling days.    When you have nothing going on, nothing is written on the calendar and so it’s like being blinded by the white snow!   Which usually disorients you and causes shutdown.   NOT a good thing.   Best to have a busy calendar.   But, since I’m not actively selling (I AM passively selling, so if you ever need a lipstick, leave a note.) I absolutely LOVE not having anywhere I have to get to!     But come to think of it, I do need to run over and buy dog food.   not a biggie…

… ♦ …

The funeral on Saturday was nice.   Despite the area getting deluged with rain the day prior, the cemetary wasn’t washed out and was amazingly dry!    I ended up switching my heels for flipflops anyway, but the sandy soil was held together quite nicely with weeds and occasional grass, so all was good.   The sun was warm, the service short, only a few tears.

I enjoyed listening to my cousins recap the days before Grandma slipped away and very sad I hadn’t timed it right to visit myself.     Grandma was worn out, her body couldn’t take living any longer.    Her mind was sharp but she was content that it was time to say goodbye.     Apparently, she had a grand time regaling all her grand and greatgrandkids with ‘off-color’ jokes and they had a laughfest only a few days before she died.     

Again, back to central Kansas:  only a few tears, a lovely parting service, and good Lutheran hymn and a lots of cake back at the church.    

… ♦ …

I can’t describe the confusion and thinking that results when someone tells me “I’m sorry for your loss” when loved ones die.   I realize it’s what you are supposed to say?   but my heart can’t or won’t ‘get it’.    I mean, thank you, of course, it’s nice of everyone to express, but.   BUT.    Death isn’t always sad.   Death is a part of life.   Why do we have to be sorry for it?     I might have regrets that I didn’t get to see Grandma in her last days but I did send her a beautiful letter expressing my love and sent pictures and little {hug} squigglies but I won’t be obsessing about my physical energy not being there right then.   I guess I believe energy takes many forms and I’m not sad that she is gone from my current dimension.    I’m glad her health struggles are over and I believe she lived a long time (age 93) to see many cool things and have an amazing impact on this world.    Four kids, seven grandkids, seventeen great grands, and eight great GREAT grand kids!     

She made the most heavenly fried chicken.    One of my cousins spent a whole day practicing with her a few years ago, attempting to recreate it.   She thinks it’s close.    

Anyway, thank you again, everyone who expressed nice thoughts when reading that I was attending a funeral.     This blogosphere is full of nice people, I do believe.   Thank you.

… ♦ …

Like everyone’s family, we do have some interesting characters.   That’s all I really need to say.     And if we’re going to talk about family and food, I have to mention that one of the very best things about the funeral was the home grown tomatoes served at the luncheon.     Nothing quite as wonderful.     

… ♦ …

I have read six books in the last two weeks, I think.   Yet, I can’t seem to write ANY reviews, or even sum up my thoughts and reactions.   Or tell you WHAT they were about.    It’s not that I don’t remember; but that I’m stumped for the right words.    It’s maddening and frustrating.   So I keep reading.   and thus, my to-do list of reviews-to-write keeps getting longer…       I’m losing the whole idea of why I love to read!

… ♦ …

I picked up the dog from the kennel (which isn’t really a kennel – too wonderful to use that word!) and he was so delighted to see me!    Or maybe he feigned it well.    Oh, what human characteristics we give to our fur-babies…     Oscar is my third dog and though the other two each have a special place in my heart,  I truly treasure this one.   He’s such a lovable goof ball.     When I brought him home, he inspected the place to make sure it was as he left it.   I was unpacking groceries and I could hear him touring the upstairs, jumping on the bed, running around in devil-dog mode, and then coming back to sit and stare at me, as I continued putting cans away.     He’s a dear.

… ♦ …

I’ve been invited to a party!   It’s called…      “Highballs and Hobnobbing”     Did you raise your eyebrows, like I did?   Yes, of course, I’m going to go.   

… ♦ …    I guess I’ll go change my meez…


  1. You don’t have to explain about the maid! If you can afford it and are happy with the service, then none of us will begrudge you that. We WILL, however, be jealous as all get-out though. LOL. As for people being “sorry for your loss,” it sounds like you maybe have a better handle on things emotionally, but I think a lot of people just feel such a large void in their lives when someone passes that it became a common saying. Anyway, your fun bits and pieces was a fun peek into your life. Fun post! 🙂

  2. I very much enjoyed your posts…little snippets of your life! 🙂

    My Grandmother is at the place yours was..she is 101, and I think she is preparing to move on from here. She can’t see or hear well anymore so she pretty much just sits. She has always been a curious busy woman..never bored, but I think she finds life quite boring now. When it is time she will know it and she will go.

    I have house keeping help too, and I love my ladies!! I am not domestic…how many ways and times can I say it..”Id Rather Be Creating” 🙂
    If nothing else I pick up in preparation for them..so it keeps me from disappearing in books, papers, paints, magazines…I’m sure you get the picture. hee, hee

    Oscar sounds like a perfect guru dog to me!!

    Good and creative energies to you, my dear!

  3. I’m forever telling my husband that as soon as all of our kids move out, and all the bills that go with their attending college etc go away, the first thing we are going to to is get a maid and a gardener.

    Enjoyed your post!

  4. Your java sounds good! Yumma 🙂 I know alot of folks that have cleaning ladies. I would too, except my 12 year old daughter is a clean freak and keep our home extremely spiffy (*she snipes at anyone who leaves anything out, seriously, she’s so bad about it that everyone picks up because they don’t want to be ripped apart by the mother hen).

    This was a very good idea for bloggers block. I heard ya crystal clear!

  5. Hey C,
    Phew, I need a nap after reading that post. Can I borrow your maid? I’ll make her samiches. I’m glad that your gramma had a long full life and that she knew she was loved – I think that’s important. You’re such a doll, I always feel cheered up when I come here.


  6. Aw what a sweet dog. Glad he was glad to see you. (He has excellent taste, obviously). I liked your thoughts about funerals and death. Just that you said the “funeral was nice” probably raised some eyebrows. I mean, the most we’re “supposed” to say is that the funeral was very “moving”. I just love celebrations of a person’s life. Yes, we will miss them, but let’s face it kids, we’re all going to die at some point. Why does that have to be a “bad” thing?
    You rock!
    “White snow on the calendar” —like that too.

  7. It’s great to hear you describe Grandma’s funeral as nice – if they’ve reached a great age and they’re plain worn out, and they’ve had a happy life – it is so much easier to feel comfortable about them dying. I know when Grandad’s time comes I’ll be relieved for him now – he is ready to go (age 100 years and 5 weeks now). I’ll miss him, I’ll feel upset, but it will be OK.

    Nice interesting post.

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