Photo Friday: Step Inside

September 12, 2008
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  1. Gorgeous! What a welcome. I love it. And the colour of the door is amazing.

  2. […] CuriousC […]

  3. I love brightly colored front doors; this one is very unique and who couldn’t feel welcomed by your fur friend? Nice.

  4. Great picture, and you I’m another fan of your purple door. 😀

  5. Great photo I love the purple door

  6. Awesome! I finally get to meet your pup! And what a cutie!

  7. I LOVE that purple door. Oooh, I want one too. Yes, I do.

  8. Fantastic colour for a front door.

  9. LOVIN the purple door, but lovin the dog more!

  10. Your dog is so pretty!

  11. I hate to copy everyone else, but I LOVE your door!! I have a boring white one!!

  12. that is the best shade of purple ever!

  13. Purple door? Lovely.

  14. Wow. Who’d have thought a purple door could be so beautiful and inviting. Sweet little pooch, too. Fun picture!

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