Bling! Bling!!

September 3, 2008

Lookie what I got today!   Thank you Teeni!    To order your own, visit the Vaguetarian Tea Shop…



  1. Wow – they look nice on you! I hope they are comfy. Don’t you feel sexy wearing them and just want to dance around the house? 😉 hey – that’s a pretty rug too!

    I feel sexy! I’m dancing!! They feel great. I just ran next door to show my neighbors – they think they look hot. 🙂

  2. Yes, they look great on you. I agree with Teeni. The rug is pretty.

    The rug IS pretty. (It’s to distract anyone from thinking I need to call for that pedicure appt.)

  3. Aw, so pretty. And yeah, I’m loving that rug too.

    My pansy rug! “Pansies are for thoughts.”

  4. OMG I LOVE THESE!! I love toe rings too! I have four of them on my toes…I have for about 13 years now!! I feel naked without them!! Love it!

    Wow, really? I’ve not quite got the hang of toe rings. Good for you! Do you have tattoos, too?

  5. Fancy-schmancy girl! Teeni does nice work!

    Teeni’s awesome – no doubt.

  6. oooh, those are soooo sexy! Work it, work it 😉

    I’m workin’ it, I’m dancin’….

  7. Wow! Very cool!!!! I tried a toe ring, but it drove me batty. I wonder if these would drive me batty. They are very sexy.

    Toe rings pinch me, too. These are actually soft! I’m still having fun trying on flipflops that look good with them – but barefoot is great, too.

  8. Very pretty – I want some!

    They look great when walking on the beach…

  9. Those look great on you!

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