Part 2 of 738

August 30, 2008

I’m just going to list all the jobs I’ve had in vague terms – I just want to see what the count is….

1.  Restaurant Hostess / Server
2.  Study Skills Instructor
3.  Research Assistant
4.  Computer Programmer 1 – consulting company
5.  CAD Sales
6.  Retail / Bookshop Clerk
7.  Computer Programmer 2 – manufacturing
8.  Industrial Education Supervisor
9.  Midrange Computer System Sales
10.  Beauty Consultant/Sales
11.  Computer Programmer 3 – retail
12.  Computer Programmer 4 – construction
13.  Inventory Counter
14.  Computer Programmer 5 – restaurant
15.  Realtor, Asst to Realtor, Office Manager, Receptionist
16.  GED Tutor Volunteer,  Pet Therapy Volunteer, Technical Educator for Seniors

OK, it’s not THAT  bad.   I thought it would be more; I wonder what I might be forgetting…   Running themes:   education, sales, computers.


But LOOKIE at my new MEEZ!   This is showing what I really want to do.   Well, almost – it should be showing me reading a book in the back yard but I couldn’t find all those meez props…


  1. Ahhh, your meez knows how to live! LOL. You will figure them all out soon. Some of the props only come through the animations. You done good – she’s adorable!

    I had NO IDEA that just changing it at meez.com would change it here, too! I thought I’d have to cut and paste every time! This may get out of hand…

  2. Also, I see you are a Jane of all trades like me. LOL.

    I think we are all a lot more interesting than we think we are. Maybe that’s why blogging has really taken off?

  3. I think I’ll do this, too. I hope I can remember them all. If only I could get paid for reading in my back yard, I’d be a very wealthy woman.

    I LOVED your list! I suppose if I had a laptop and found a great gig getting paid to do book reviews, I could work from the back yard?!

  4. […] Curious C has an interesting post listing every job she’s ever had. It’s quite a list. So I think I’ll do it, too, just to see how it turns out. […]

  5. I had two jobs in high school both lasting no more than a couple of weeks( stuffing Chritsmas stockings and putting covers on little white boxes). Three if you include the one that lasted one day (banquet waitress). I then worked for two banks and then worked with my Dad in our health food store and that’s it for me. I suppose you could include what I do now–personal chef and assistant to my daughter and going to the beach.

    I love your Meez. She looks quite happy and relaxed.

    Of course, you are a personal chef and assistant! I should probably add ‘house manager’ and assistant to both my DOG and husband. Or maybe I can be house-bunny? hee hee

  6. Hey, what a great idea for a post. I might have to steal your idea! I had fun reading your list. Pretty impressive!

    Please steal my idea. I find it fascinating how people change jobs, find jobs, stay with jobs – hmmmm, perhaps I should put career counselor back on my list of POSSIBLEs….

  7. You are a Jane of all trades; how impressive! You’ve got mad skills woman!

    Oh, I don’t know if I have mad skills or not! that’s up for debate… I didn’t list which of these jobs I’ve been laid off from and fired from but it’s more than a couple.

  8. Mmmm – I like this. I could do a list of jobs I was sacked from! Only joking!!! Actually, thinking about it, I probably could … LOL!

    Out of interest – which job did you (or do you) enjoy the most – and why? The answe might give you an incite into what next.

    See my response to comment above – I’ve been SACKED from a few, myself. Your question about which job I enjoyed the most will be saved for the other 736 posts…

  9. insight?

    INCITE vs INSIGHT; tomato tomaaah-to, I get ya.

  10. i’ll have to give this a try, though i don’t think my career path has been half as interesting 🙂

    It seems I’ve inspired a meme of sorts! Career paths are ALWAYS interesting. to me, anyway. most of the time.

  11. Holy crap, I thought waitress/early childhood caregiver/retailer/bubblegum wrapper/makeup artist/telemarketer/receptionist was a stretch. You go! Maybe you haven’t found the right career yet, but I’ll be when you do you’ll have all the skills you need to get it.

    Hi Emerald! Thanks for the compliment, I think. I have the skills – it’s my heart I’ve worried about.

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