The Inaugural Mini Mass Blogger Conference

August 29, 2008
It's not really sand...

It's not really sand....

It all started when Teeni realized from one of my posts that I happen to live in Massachusetts;  she said we could meet half way and have lunch.    OOO!  What a great idea?    and it almost turned into a trip to Vermont, but THEN…  Joan, who we all know lives on Cape Cod, started to show pics of going to the beach.

I wanted to go to the beach!    I have no excuses other than no one to go with me and not wanting to pay $15-$25 parking for just me to sit for a few hours at the edge of the ocean, so I started whining, “I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH!”   Teeni echoed right after me, “ME, TOO!”

At least, I think that’s how it started….

Joan at Whatever I Think tells it all and Teeni (that Beach Blanket Blog Babe) adds a few more of the juicy details, as well as our group photo, so all I’ll do is present a few more pics:


Joan's Awesome Sandwich

Joan's Delicious Sandwiches




  1. Great pics. That sandwich looks yummy too!

    Thanks – the sandwich was quite tasty and the company FANTASTIC!

  2. I love the photos. I saw you taking a photo of the water. I thought you might have seen a fish.It’s a great photo.;-) Maybe next year we will have more people to come with us to the beach. But I hope we can do something in between. It was a really great time!!

    I take photos of everything. I loved the colors and how the water was moving… Oh yes, we’ll do this again and/or something else.

  3. That sandwich pic is making me hungry again! You got some great shots, CC! I love the group of three birds on the rock. And I’m with Joan in hoping we can do something in between too! 🙂

    It’s tough to steady when I’m zoomed so far (for the birds) and not seeing well due to the bright sunshine. I really need a class…

  4. Oh You lucky ladies again, smiling.

    I love the pictures and also take pictures of everything. The beach looks perfect, I can’t believe that perfect sandwich, Honest to god I have never made one like that in my life. So neat. I’m going to try and make one like that. I love your pictures Curious C and your big smile. You have a beautiful smile, a smile that matches Joans.

    You have a great little set up there. Love the pictures.

    Smiles & Pics

    Thanks Di! Yes, have Joan give you the instructions – it is a great sandwich. And I also added the URL to your blog. You’re a WPer, yes? You might check you profile to fill in the empty box that way others can find you. (I wrote a post on it: https://ideajump.wordpress.com/2007/12/03/in-service/ 🙂

  5. oH thats graet 🙂

  6. How wonderful that you all got together. I like your photos, especially the sandwich.

  7. This was fun to see Teeni’s pics, Joan’s, and now yours. I am happy for you guys- wish I could have tagged along. And, yes… the sammy looks tasty!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. This was just the coolest thing you guys did, I love it! Your photos are awesome, you are adorable.
    P.S. – that sandwich looks delicious. 😛

  9. these are great pics 🙂 and oooomg those sandwiches look Amazing. Yummmm

  10. Thanks Everyone! I don’t quite know where I disappeared to this holiday weekend but obviously I wasn’t at my computer. Thanks for the nice comments (and Joan and Teeni LAUGHED at me when I snapped the photo of the sandwich, ha!)

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