Photo Friday: Old Cars

August 29, 2008
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   Photo Friday:   Old Cars



  1. WOW! That is a fantastic old car! What is it? What’s the story behind it?

  2. That is an old car. Where did you dig that up? I wouldn’t mind knowing the story about it too. If you don’t know just make something up. 😉

  3. hee hee! make something up ?! I offer anyone else to provide a story because I don’t have one.

    Not too far from where I live, we have cranberry bogs down a gravel road. Buried in the woods you USED to be able to see this old car. It’s a nice walk down to the bogs and I was showing my mom one day and she told me to go stand by it for a photo opp. So I did. This was at least 3 years ago.

    Some developers bought the land along the old road and I think they drug the car out – it’s gone anyway. And now there are 25+ houses built up along the path to the bogs…

  4. Wow,what a neat thing to find. My dad bought an old 1926 Model T Ford Pickup truck to restore.My brothers and I used to love to play on it. He had so many car projects going he never finished it, but did get a few pieces done. When my dad passed away a close friend offered to buy the old rusty car. It now sits on the main street where I live in a side of the road display with old farm equipment and other rusted out stuff. I should go take a picture…

    OH YES! do go take the photo. And add a theme sug for ‘old farm equipment’?

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  6. That is a cool photo with a cool old car. I would drive across country taking such photos of old barns and such if time and money would permit. I’m constantly pointing out such things to Bunny as we roll along. And the fact that it’s no longer there makes the picture that much more special. Really, I love that. 🙂 The mossy green coving and leaves… oh man… love it. 😉

    I know! It’s all cool.

  7. It’s a great shot and a neat little landmark. We used to have a trail where my parents lived and if you walked into the forest on it a couple of miles there was this old fireplace, complete with chimney, but totally without house just standing in the middle of the woods like it belonged there. I never did find out the story behind that either but it was still pretty cool.

  8. That is one old car!

  9. I love taking photos of old farm equipment sitting abandoned in a field with the grasses growing up, through and around. Speaks of days gone by.

  10. Oh, my…if my husband sees that photo, he’ll want to know specifically where it is and he will want to own it immediately. Great shot!

  11. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the colors!!!! Great picture!

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  13. I can’t believe how cool that is! The color is outstanding.

  14. @Teeni, there used to be a caved in little cabin across the path from the old car but I never investigated too closely.

    @leafless, YOU BET – very old car. I always wondered how long it had been abandoned. Now I wonder what happened to it…

    @Urban Panther, “Days Gone By”… sounds like a song…

    @Elizabeth, good think I have no clue where that car is – I’d hate to have your husband get lost in the woods and forget to call you to tell you he’d be home late, huh?

    @Lou and FW, YES! the greens are striking, aren’t they. The time of year was October, btw…

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