Joan Wins A Prize!!!

August 26, 2008

Howdy y’all.    Anyone wonder where I’ve been?   I had my verizon DSL go bye-bye and the very nice verizon tech spent 2 hours today getting me all hooked up again.    So, it wasn’t my PC this time – who’d-a’thunk?

Last Friday, I went to Maine – had a wonderful time.   On Sunday, car dies on highway just shy of 10 miles from home (it was the fuel injector pump thingy), and once we finally fell back into our house, I was desperate to check my email and my blog but… no internet.    Seriously, the not having blog-email-google-CONNECTION was worse than the car dying on 24; we were stranded on the side of the road for over an hour… 

Plus, the fun of having it towed to my auto repair specialist AND having them find NOTHING WRONG.    After giving it the once-over and telling us they couldn’t find anything, they finally took it out on the road and it died for them, too.  HA!  

Plus, I had jury duty Monday.    I was there with about 200 others for impanelment and with 2 seats left on the jury to fill when they chatted with me about my ‘indifference and impartiality’ to the concept of whether or not sex offenders can be rehabilitated, I was released.  whew.  I am SOOOO glad I wasn’t selected.   I really am if full support of us doing our civil duty but why can’t it be for a simple credit card fraud or something?   I’ll try to work up my talent for indifference and ability to be impartial in 3 years when they call me again.

I did manage to read 3 books while away from blogging.   And I’m half way through a fourth.

So, why does Joan win a prize?    Because, when I logged into my GoogleReader this afternoon, Joan’s blog Whatever I Think had SEVEN posts to read!   that was the most.    Congratulations!

and her prize?     She wins the privilege of taking me to the beach this week.   hee hee.     We’re having a mini-Mass-blogger convention.  Can’t wait!   and I’m sure she’ll blog about it and share WHO ELSE will be joining us!!!    unless that person spills the beans as well.   

Finally,   I leave you with a few pics from my weekend.   You know I love blue sky.  and flowers…

Accidental Shot When I Realized Dog Just Jumped Out Of Car Window
Accidental Shot When I Realized Dog Just Jumped Out Of Car Window



  1. Holy cow – your dog jumped out the car window? I hope it wasn’t moving at the time. Yikes! And I will be very interested to find out what they finally figure out is wrong with your car because obviously SOMEthing is very wrong! I’m so glad you are back online. LOL. Joan has been very blog posty lately as she had that luau and all to attend and then tell us all about.

    Oh, the car was parked and I didn’t realize one of the windows was rolled all the way down. The hub was inside at town hall buying a fishing license and I was snapping photos of the pretty flowers and such when I hear “kerplunk and scurry” – or whatever the sound is when a dog ESCAPES the car! I was trying to shut off the camera so I could chase him down. I kind of like this blue sky accident…

    Yes, the car is fixed and ready to roll.

  2. Welcome back. 🙂 You’re on purpose pictures are very nice too. 😉

    Thank you. 😉

  3. LOL @ Peter’s comment. He always has something sweet to say. I am glad the car wasn’t moving and the pooch is okay. Whew. You have had quite a week, my dear. I hope you have some nice relaxing plans coming up. 😉

    As a matter of fact, I do!!

  4. All the pics are cool, I forgot to mention. But yeah, the blue sky one is actually kind of artsy with the buildings peeking in from the sides like that.

    I agree. It was quite bewildering in the viewfinder to try and figure out what it was, but once I uploaded to the PC, I thought it was cool.

  5. Wow, see I just can’t shut up or else I’m thinking more than I should. It also shows you I have way too much time on my hands. I didn’t get to the beach this week because it was cloudy on Monday so I can’t wait to go with you guys. We’ll all have to have a blog about it. The photos came out beautiful. Even the accidental shot is cool. When I was a kid My dog jumped off a second story porch to follow me to school. He landed on all four feet just like a cat and then trotted down to me thinking he was coming with me. I just stood there crying until my Mom came out.

    poor puppy! Oscar is most definitely a momma’sBoy and has to know where I am at all times. See ya soon.

  6. I noticed! I noticed you were gone! You did pack a lot of activity into that weekend, whew! I’m glad most things are back to “normal” now. 🙂

    You are SO sweet to notice! I was in blog-withdrawal, I admit, so I guess I have a case of blog-addiction.

  7. Now that would be a good Photo Friday theme: Accidental Pics!

    Love the flowers too!

    Thanks. Are we needing more ideas? I thought of a few and then I couldn’t remember what they were, darn it.

  8. I go into total freak out mode when I lose internet connection. It’s like I having life support in a space ship turned off. Seriously, I start to panic. It’s awful.

    Your dog jumped out of the car window? I trust you were parked. 🙂

    Oh yes, we were parked. I **used** to be able to leave him in the car and now I have to pay attention to window openings. He’s a dear, but STAY!

  9. Hey C,
    Wow, you had quite an adventure between the car, the internet and those photos are awesome. Damn I just can’t get in on this blogger convention action. So sad. 😦 Someday – I’ll just show up with a cup asking to borrow some sugar. You’ll see. 🙂

    and I’ll know it’s you: You’ll have tomatos with you, a cig dangling from the lip? and quoting a bawdy poem, right? Will you be wearing a hat?

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