Answering Your Questions

August 19, 2008

Questions from my One Year post:

Author asks:   Who is Mark and did you have a crush on him?   Mark is a guy who is very wise and knowledgeable in his practice of LOA (The Law of Attraction.)    Nope, no crush.    (You can find the reference here.)

Peter asks:  What inspired the name of your blog and the catch phrase?    I actually blogged about this not too long ago in a meme.   Click here to read more! 

Joan asks:  What have you gotten most out of blogging and do you feel blogging has improved your life in some way?     I get connectivity.    Yes, I feel I’ve gained a trust in the goodness of the universe, a further understanding that most human creatures do desire the same things in life.  I’ve gained a bit more patience and tolerance for others different from myself and I hope that can spill over in my real life associations with others.    By that I mean, being less likely to snap to negative judgements about other people.      Let’s face it, we rarely have the opportunity to mix and mingle and talk to people who are outside our sphere.    We tend not to tell bawdy jokes to the person in line in front of us at the grocery store and we often don’t engage in frank discussions about race and gender and ___whatevers_____ with even our closest friends, sometimes.   Blogging allows us that opportunity.   Plus I’ve learned a lot of STUFF.   and enjoyed some beautiful ART.   and laughed at a lot of fun stories!!

FightingWindmills asks:  Did you apply for this job or not?      She refers to this post about my wondering about getting a J-O-B.    No, I haven’t yet.    YET.   Still might not.   but I might.   Since it’s a government job, it holds the window open until the end of September.    Possibly, I could impress them with being the FIRST to apply!?   but then I get to thinking that I really need to visit my grandmother in Colorado, and we have to make plans for the Holidays soon.   I doubt a new job will be sympathetic to my needs to travel.   

MusEditions asks:  Can you describe how the process “from thought to action” works for you? When do thoughts become action? What happens along the way?    This is more an AFFIRMATION for me.   I want to be able to spring to action when I have a thought to do something.    More typical, I tend to have a great idea and instantly play devil’s advocate for why it WON’T work rather than jump right to it and see what happens.     This blog was supposed to be about me finding myself or maybe my inner child, learning to trust signs from the universe, gaining self-awareness, discovering my passion, etc.    I’m taking time off from “working” and I am supposed to be exploring both the inner and outer worlds.   Yet…   I’m sitting my fat ass in this chair and gazing into the interweboblogosphere instead.    Sadly, I’m no closer to knowing who I am and what I’m on this earth for than I was last year.    Again, I’m wishful thinking with little activity but I should (ick – that is a judging word) be jumping to opportunities.   So, to answer your question:   NO, I can’t describe what happens along the way when I have an idea-thought.   Not much of a process, at all.    It’s like describing  procrastination.  or, to keep with my blog theme, I jump off the deep end, instead!    Goodness, this feels like a negative answer.  doh.   When I live in the moment, I am very content and happy and extremely blessed to live the life I’m leading.  Why would I think I need MORE?   It only gets ‘pensive’ when I wonder what would I do with my life if something horrible happens?   But I don’t want to attract that happening, now do I?  so I won’t voice it.  I just worry sometimes that I should be worrying about it!  eek.   How’s that for some insight into how my brain thinks?  Next question, please.

Annie – the Writer Chick asks:  Does your happiest moment outweigh your most embarrassing? How about that?     Yes, I think I can agree with this.    I do have a capacity to feel great joy and then remember it and access it later.    Embarrassment just turns into a story of a funny situation.   OR – maybe I just don’t choose to save the experience of my most embarrassing moments.    When this comes up in group situations, I can never think of things until later.     I chuckle at myself and chalk it up to experience.     Now humiliation is different.   But, I can’t think of any of those times either (and I don’t want to.)

Wendy asks:  How do you manage your time for blogging?   I wish I could be more clever and give my schedule of how I ‘blug’ but I just wing it most days.   (Manage!??!   what the hell does THAT mean?   I hate routine, schedules – the word maintenance gives me shudders.)   I don’t check my stats anymore.  It’s ALL about who has commented and making sure I get back to their blog to see what they are up to.    I do have Google-Reader but I keep forgetting to add blogs to it so I end up bouncing around again.    I miss those days at the beginning when it was ALL discovery.    Now it’s keeping up with favorites.   I will share this:   if a blog has a ton of comments, I usually don’t add.   And if I find a blog with few comments, I want to especially acknowledge their efforts.   I love being the first to comment.    I blog a lot less when the Hub is home.    So on those days when I’ve posted 3 times and you see my comments everywhere – the Hub is probably out of town!    I really don’t have a mission for my blog…  But now that it is a connection to people – I want to participate.

and now to answer my own questions:   I don’t have a favorite pair of shoes – but I’m partial to my LLBean lobster flipflops.   I use mild salsa on my tacos.   My cairn is still standing!    I’ve had to rebuild it only once.    My post titled “Get A Job, Part 1 of 738” could very easily be the first of a series of too many, but I’m not sure if anyone will keep track of my getting 738 of them posted…

and even though boundandgags commented but didn’t offer up any questions, I still want to give some link-lo♥e…    A big thank you to Teeni, as well.    

See ya around!   Bloggily yours, Curious “C” 

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PS – if I ever don’t post for awhile, it might be due to PC problems…   This machine is dying or my monitor card!?  is dying – clicking on links and opening other windows just hangs and spins…   and I have to pay for a new washing machine before a new computer.



  1. Your other post explained the name of your blog, but not the catch phrase “From Thoughts to Action…” or did I not read between the lines or something like that. I can be a bit thick headed some times. 😐

  2. Reading further… never mind. 😕

    Well, Peter, I think I pondered a little on the words “Idea” and “Jump” and in a quick effort to explain, I thought of Ideas as THOUGHTS and then Action as the word that jump would mean. Idea being thought and JUMP being the reaction action to that thought? Whudda ya think? Teeni does a great job of offering an explanation. All this analysis is hurting my brain. ARE YOU DRIVING AS YOU BLOG!?!? and I don’t really want to know why you named your blog what you did…

  3. These are great answers – I loved ’em. I don’t know if I can answer Peter’s question but what I got from it was that your “From Thoughts to Action” was almost a mantra or something to get you to move on a good idea, rather than talk yourself out of it by thinking of all the ways it wouldn’t work. Anyway, I hope your sting is feeling better – ouch! And thanks so much for the linky love – you are sweet. And I do love linky-love! 🙂

    linky-lovey, touchy-feely! ooo la la

  4. I like your answer to Joan’s question. It really got me thinking. We definitely get to interact with people in a different manner than we might normally, not to mention interacting with different people than we might normally.

    That’s my favorite part of blogging, but I never really looked at it or gave it much thought as how you explained it. It’s one giant social experiment and we’re our own test subjects. 😉

    oh crap – we’ll all be assimilated into the Borg one day anyway… Eventually our cellphonesand IPods will be implants into our skulls and… scary, huh?

  5. Hey C,
    I loved all your answers, mostly because they were just so you. The thing I love about coming here is that I can feel your energy and joy – and it’s so nice to be in a space like that. You know?

    Thanks for the linky love.


    Oh Annie! Thanks so much. I adore YOU.

  6. First of all…congrats on a year! I too enjoyed reading your answers!

    I enjoy your honesty and uniqueness here..that’s what keeps me coming. 🙂 That and you make me laugh too!

    Hope your insect sting or whatever it was is all well now.

    Good and creative energies to you!

    Thanks GypsyHeart! I admit, I have a post brewing about those quotes and you advice to take more notice…

  7. I really like your answer to my question. I was getting the attitude that there weren’t all that many nice people left because you always seem to hear just about the bad stuff people do. Then I started blogging and everyone I’ve met is wonderful and I felt that connectivity.

    I enjoyed the other questions and answers too. I also appreciate your honesty.

    I have a lot of thoughts but I tend not to take action about them. I really need to do that. There’s so much I think of doing but don’t and these are things I could do but still don’t.

    You take a lot of action Ms Joan! You go to the beach (I’m jealous and lazy) and you do great with your videos! and you do a lot for your family.

    I think most bloggers are very polite and nice and comments are always respectful, etc. Of course, I would delete them and not visit if I ever did have any mean-nasties stop by, I suppose…

    I haven’t been able to have any of your pics/videos load from your blog. Will be by soon, I hope.

  8. Great answers. Hope your computer doesn’t give up until you can afford another. You’d be missed.

    oh, it’ll be fine. just don’t want anyone to worry about me. actually, I do. hee hee.

  9. Grrrreat answers! I liked the first one; Mark sounds lovely, and I’m a big LOA fan.
    And your answer to Joan, connectivity!!! I hear you, sister!
    Your response to mine was phenomenal. I, too, have been looking for passion and purpose. I’m wondering if some of us are just destined to be happy in the present moment and facilitate that experience for others, as you do. That, alone, is a life of worth.
    “Worrying about whether I should be worrying” HaHa! I can so relate! Aren’t we humanoids funny critters?
    Your answer to Wendy’s is interesting. There is a blog I hardly visit anymore, because he’s become really popular, and gets so many comments I feel I get lost in the crowd. I have mixed feelings about this, I really should go have a look. I forget to put people in my reader, too, and then every few days I do a scramble.
    Thank you for your answers, and for asking us to ask you questions! What an innovative way to celebrate.

    Thanks! What do you mean by ‘scramble’? is that a google-reader function? regarding popular blogs and commenting – I just can’t ever think of anything to add or is as clever as the others. But it still amazes me at those blogs with 300+ comments! Does the blogger ever notice? I don’t have time to be THAT popular.

  10. Oh yes, of course. It was, “from thoughts to action.” Duh. No wonder I was inspired. I’ve been chickening out (the friendlier version of what I’d really like to call it) on developing the thoughts I’m constantly noting in my handy little journal…thoughts to action. hmmmm. Thanks for that. MMM

  11. […] of my ‘career’ as a casual blogger in a post mid-August, I answered a few of your questions.   At that time, FightingWindmills (who inspired me to buy some headbanks…) had asked if I […]

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