Ask Me Questions, Tell Me Some Lies

August 18, 2008

I’m reading questions – only a few so far, so this will be a short post so you don’t get distracted from reading the post for August 17th. 

But DO feel sorry for me.  I got stung by…   something.   and nothin’ hurts more than a wasp sting!   Which is what I’m assuming it was.  I’ve got a red welt on my arm the size of a small old-fashioned donut and it not only hurts but itches.    I don’t think it’s infected but I’ll keep my eye on it (and my scratching fingers away from it!)    The med-websites say it will look and feel worse at the 48 hour mark so tomorrow it should be really lovely!  

If nothing else, it got me out of the task of sanding and staining the deck.   I got to sleep off the Benadryls I popped, instead.



  1. I do feel sorry for you! Here is some sympathy: 😥 I hope your bite feels better soon. Are you able to type? (Well, you did, obviously, but does it hurt?) Take care & feel better!

    Thanks Sweetie! Yes, it still hurts but I’m taking some more antihistimines and working thru the pain like the good little whiner that I am.

  2. Hey C,
    Don’t know what the questions are. But for bite or sting, try taking some antihistamines, they will bring the swelling and stop the itch. I got bit by something a few weeks ago and had a welt about 2 inches by 2 inches, huge and itched like crazy. Took some antihistamines and within two days it was almost gone and the itching stop, thank Gawd. Try it.


    Oops – that’s a hint to go READ THE PRIOR POST! which you did, this is now for anyone who reads it and asks the same Q. I just popped some more allergy drugs – should be good.

  3. I feel your pain. I don’t remember wasp stings hurting as bad when I was a kid, but when I grew up they became incredibly painful. Then when I was around 35 I developed an allergy to bee stings, which I didn’t know could happen. The last time I was stung by a bee was in a garden center and I started passing out. I hate stingers. 👿

    Yes, stingers = evil. We’ve got all sorts of flying stinging things flying around and I don’t like to go outside right now!

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