Photo Friday: Wildlife

August 15, 2008
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Costa Rican Reptile Up In A Tree

Costa Rican Reptile Up In A Tree



  1. that is a cool photo

  2. OMG! What kind of reptile is that????

    An iguana? I think.

  3. That is a pretty cool critter!

  4. How do you know it’s Coasta Rican? LOL! What fun!

    Cuz I snapped the pic in Costa Rica, silly!

  5. […] CuriousC’s […]

  6. Tre’s cool and wicked at once. Did you take that C? And what the heck were you doing so close to such a scary looking critter?

    He may not have been too cuddly, but he certainly wasn’t scary.

  7. Nice photo. We used to have reptiles in our house. The caged kind but they were small. Then we started getting wild salamanders in the house. They were sneaking in through a whole in the basement. Freaked my daughter out because she slept down there. She was about 12. Needless to say we fixed the whole pronto.

  8. Cool image C..he/she looks like their “hair” is blowing in the breeze! 🙂

  9. Wow. That tail is so long! I had to chuckle at Author’s question, and your response! 🙂 Thanks SO much for writing to me this summer. I looked at the return address and was like “I don’t know anyone from there!” And, as I told Author, I got your letter in Florida, but the mail service in Malawi was so dreadful that I only received a couple of letters there. If you wrote to me there, too, thanks for that as well! Perhaps it will get returned to sender and you’ll have a nice Malawian post mark!

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