Bucket List Meme

August 12, 2008

Teeni has yelled TAG!!!!  YOU’RE IT!!!  once again and so I’m jumping to it…   It’s the Bucket List Meme and the idea is to list at least 8 things I gotta do or want to do or WILL DO? before I kick that bucket.    

I actually have a list somewhere but I’ve misplaced it.   I think it still exists somewhere in my crap but looking for it will distract me – I will end up organizing all my papers and scrapbooks and start reminiscing and who knows when I’ll wake the hell back up to remember I have a blog post to finish!

I wrote it in college after reading that goals WRITTEN DOWN have a much better chance of happening. So from memory:

1. Go to Europe. Got this one done in 2000.

2.  Make a quilt.    Still fixin’ to think about getting started to attempt to learn to sew…

3.  Pet a baby seal.   I realize these cute little fellows are on the endangered list but maybe a zoo will let me do this.  

Well.   That’s all I got from THAT list.   Let’s keep going with my here&now.

4. Finish Wilhelmina!    to meet her, click here.

or here since I’m being told the link above doesn’t work… https://ideajump.wordpress.com/2008/03/27/meet-wilhelmina/

(perhaps one of my bucket list points should be to upgrade my PC so this isn’t so difficult…)

5.  Spend at least 2 weeks aboard some kind of watercraft – just me and the Hub.  (and the DOG!!!)  It’s a dream that I keep thinking we can break down into “Shouldn’t We Just Try It For a Little Short Piece Of Time Before We Buy One?”     I keep wondering what would happen if I posted an ad “Naive Couple Hoping To Someday Own A Big Boat Seeks Fun-Loving Couple with Yacht to Host Weekend Excursion Offering Beginnings of Beautiful Friendship.”        This is who would respond, of course: 

6.   Visit every state!   I need Hawaii.    I have been to a few states that might need a re-visit.   My only time in New Jersey was a 2 hour layover in Newark Airport.   And I can’t remember if Mississippi got much of my attention, if any? so we need to explore that fine state.     and believe it or not?!   Vermont deserves more of my time, too.   It’s so close, I could probably do that one day when I’m bored!    But, I’m never bored….   Hey Teeni?  road trip?   I’ll pick you up and we can go have lunch in VT?

7.  Ugh.   I can’t think of any more.    I mean, I can – I’ve got lots of silly stuff popping into my head but nothing that has that burning desire of inspiration.   I almost typed up ‘Climb Mt. Sunflower’ but, really, that is laughable.   It’s just one of those places in Kansas (highest elevation in Kansas) that makes me smile so maybe I should do it someday.   I think we have even driven by the road you have to take to find Mt Sunflower but Hub kept going…   He’s not much of a stop-at-roadside-attraction kind of guy, especially or because of the fact that I frequent yell:  “stop!  a roadside attraction!!”  But, really, there are tons of things I’d love to do ‘someday’ but nothing is catching my attention in the gumball machine that is my brain today.

8.    I hope to attend all the weddings (or whatever the kids will call these in the future – I don’t care if they get married or to whom, but I’m not invited to some kind of party by their age of 30, they will have to host me for a fun weekend.) of my nieces and nephews including all the little kids I call nieces and nephews who aren’t blood relatives.     SInce some of these critters were born in 2008, this should count as my longevity goal…

9.   Right NOW, this second, here’s the places of the world I want to see/visit/experience (after the states listed in #5)   Key West, UK, Prague, Barcelona, Greece, Nantucket, Fiji Islands, Australia and New Zealand.

and I hope to get to Colorado before this year is up.   I want to see my grandma.  This is quite doable and I think I will start emailing my cousins to pick a when and where…

hey!  how did I end up with 9?  oh well.



  1. I learned to quilt about 5 years ago, and I LOVE it. Not to mention, it is dreamily cozy to curl up with a home-made quilt. You just need to be able to sew in a straight line–it isn’t too hard at all, I promise. Way easier than making clothes. Check out beginner books at the library, or you can get them cheap (used) on Amazon. Fons and Porter, Alex Anderson–lots of pictures, clear writing. Good luck with everything on the list.

    I know, I know. I have a whole post brewing in my head about my love hate relationship with my sewing machine… I just haven’t gotten around to this – I’m saving it! If I do all the things I want to do before I die, then all I’ll have left to do is…. DIE. so, that is why the quilt thing has yet to be considered for this decade. Maybe not the next one, either.

    How did you find me? Do you have a blog?

  2. I found you by browsing the ‘Tag Surfer’…I have a blog at galenineurope.wordpress.com, but it is fairly boring for anyone but friends and family (and perhaps for them as well) who are wondering what I am up to this year working in Europe. I’m in the process of checking museums and countries off my lifetime to do list over here…

    I’m coming over right now! and, if you are interested in having your name link back to your blog, read my post here
    (I hope that works – I haven’t quite figured out how to inbed links within comments, so here’s also the obvious link! https://ideajump.wordpress.com/2007/12/03/in-service

  3. Nuts – the link to Wilhelmina is not working! I NEED to know what Wilhelmina is! I will come back and check again later. Oooh – pet a baby seal – good one! I know what you mean about the longevity goals – that’s why I’m always going to have some goals. I don’t ever want to completely finish a list or all that will be left is to die. Besides, it’s always good to have things to look forward to! Nice job on the meme, C! And wow, you were fast too! 🙂

  4. I’m TRYING to fix it!!!

  5. I’m baaaaaack. Oh, cool! I think I had seen that post about Wilhelmina once before but totally forgotten! My memory is mush. But wow – I wonder what you have been doing with her? Have you actually started her? I’m wondering what direction you were taking with her? Mosaics? Paint? You need to do an update post on her soon! I’m like a cat. Curiosity kills me. 😉

    Um, mosiacs… I have no direction, just some whimsical ideas…

  6. Oh, and duh, YEAH! Definitely – road trip! Pick me up! Vermont is so pretty.

    Yes! Let’s DO this!

  7. Vermont is one of the five of the 48 states that I have yet to drive through. I’ll race ya. 😛 Nice list. 😉

    and what are the others? Is VT anytime soon on the schedule?

  8. Haha. I love the contrasting photos in #5. You have a great bucket list. I’d like to make a bucket list, and I imagine it would have at least 50 things, if not 100.

    Hub bought me that book 1000 Places To See Before You Die and I keep saying that I’ll never be able to die now – there is NO way most of the book will ever EVER be somewhere I find myself. But it has been fun to attempt and look through. We made it to the Houston art museum that is featured and probably never would have gone there if not for the book…

  9. Re: I keep wondering what would happen if I posted an ad “Naive Couple Hoping To Someday Own A Big Boat Seeks Fun-Loving Couple with Yacht to Host Weekend Excursion Offering Beginnings of Beautiful Friendship.” LOL…ours is somewhere between the two you have posted. Weekend excursion available when you start working your way through the Canadian provinces. *smile*

    Well, HELLO my new best friend. We’ll buy gas? Canada is nice – I’ll hunt you down!

  10. I’ll have to do this meme when I catch up on blogging. You have some great answers. Traveling will definitely be on my last. Hey if you and Teeni go on a road trip, come get me.

    Ooops – I forgot to tag! YOU MUST do this list! be sure to include ‘beach day with CuriousC’ and lunch in Vermont… there, only 6 more items needed for your 8 Bucket List.

  11. Well honey, I hope you get your boat, that way you can hit most of the coastal states and I’m in one of them. haha. I’m going to do this meme too and I’ve been thinking about it. Seems unfair that it is only 8 things though. We of big wondering minds can’t get enough traction out of just 8 things, can we? Great list.

    Annie – I used to have your address (remember the Christmas cards?) so I might actually KNOW where you live! I’ll be visiting on Urban Panther’s boat someday. HA!

  12. I love reading stuff like this, it helps to know each other a little better. I’d love to visit Key West too, it’s definitely on my bucket list. Who know, I may end up wanting to live there. It certainly looks like a great place to live.

    Consider yourself tagged for this meme, then!

  13. I Love that list 🙂

    Thanks Kaylee!

  14. You better get on that Hawaii stuff STAT so I can see some lovely scenic pics!!! 😉

  15. I loved following your link to see Wilhelmina. Be sure and keep us updated on her progress.

    This was a fun read!

    Consider yourself tagged, as well!

  16. Very nice list. I was just tagged and I really have to think about this. I kinda forgot about myself and my dreams, I don’t know how to even start this list. You did a great job though- and yes, Hawaii does sound good to me too!

    Don’t think too much! let your heart tell you instead.

  17. Well then I say, “Ahoy, matie!” And wave madly to you, your hubby, Panther and the Lion. Oooh, we’ll have lunch in the Marina and then hit all the tacky tourist attractions – and take lots of pictures of us doing really stupid things but having a ball.

    Sounds like a perfect day. Help me track down these wildcats and we can cross this off sooner than later! I’m still laughing that she offered this up… She doesn’t know what she’s in for.

  18. Love your list. I thought the advert re the boat, a real scream. Maybe someone will read it on your blog and make you an offer too good to refuse! LOL!
    I have a whole page dedicated to my “List of 21” which is a a bucket list. I copied the idea from Lou at BlahBlahBlog who has a list of 50!

    My list is here: http://j9marshall.wordpress.com/the-list-of-twenty-one/

    I told my Hub what I did and he was horrified! I do remember your list! and it shows much more serious thought. ACTUALLY, I keep adding to my list (in my head) and might do this as well but my theme here doesn’t allow pages. I want to go to Bruges again and go to a castle in Belgium that is open for tourists once per year and ride a Segway and go inline skating and …

  19. Never, I repeat never, lose that wonderful energy and enthusiasm for life. All things are possible …

    Yes Ma’am. I understand.

  20. I’m never sure where I’ll be going next until it’s time to go. I have yet to travel though Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and of course Vermont. I don’t get up into the Northeast much. I’m not sure if I’ll ever hit those states.

    Well, then. We’ll wait and see, huh?

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