More Reflections

August 11, 2008

The last post got me tripping through that calendar…   imagine that Hollywood technique of the pages of an actual calendar as they start flipping and we are whisked away into the past.   

Except.  I’m not sure where I was going with that.   Did you really imagine it, though?    Can anyone name a movie where they do that?    the spinning newspaper is another trick to transport one into the past.   I’m thinking It’s a Wonderful Life, but I could be wrong.  

Reflections.   I’m here to give you some more reflections and I always think of memories when I consider the WRITTEN word of ‘reflection’.   Contemplation, mind-wanderings.   I’m really good at those. 

I’ve had ever so good of a day.   I didn’t have internet connection – the rain and my DSL don’t get along.  Plus I had some errands to run.    I’m the honey-doer around this house.   It’s part of my ‘paid’ position to be hub’s assistant.   And believe you me;  I know how to pour on the honey around here.  heehehehehe.

(yes.   I’ve had one two glasses of wine.)   

Last Saturday was supposed to be a trip to the beach.   Please don’t even get me started.  I could allow myself a whole big stupid pity party on that, but I’m a big girl and I choose my battles.   SO, I went fishing with the Hub instead.   We really did have a truly lovely love-filled day and it was all goody goody.  I read (and laughed out loud A LOT) to the book I was reading:  The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao* by Junot Diaz.   Oscar (Oscar my dog NOT the book Oscar!!!!!)   was a little strung out and sleepy due to a hornet sting (we gave him a Benadryl) and Hub caught a bass or two.  I lost count. 

I took a photo of my reflection on the water!!!!

  Man,  do I look hippppy?

(what is really  scary, is that I did take a photo of me in my bikini but don’t have the guts to show it to you.)

and here’s a reflection of clouds on the water – is not the New England sky just Blue Blue Blue?

  Maybe it’s the white whiteness of the clouds for contrast?

and I have to show you my dear pup O Pup!   He’s my baby…

and where I sit when Hub is fishing and I’m doing my reading?  (notice the can of Coors Light…)

  I angled the viewfinder like that on purpose.    Not sure why exactly, but I’m sure I thought it would be ‘artfull’…    Sometimes, the Hub (Captain) allows me to bring my sun umbrella on board which I have no doubt makes him the laughing stock of the other fishingmen – but I am ALSO of no doubt that they are just jealous that they don’t have wives that go fishing with them and look so HOT in their bikinis.   or, maybe not.   THAT is truly what is great about hitting 40 finally – I just don’t care.  nor does Hub.  Point was is, I didn’t bring my umbrella this trip – I wanted some sun.  (no, not the point at all:  HOT is in the eye of the husband of the bikini wearer and so he tells me – he’s a dearie, this one.  I’m keeping him.)


of course, that begs the …

ah shit.  I can always delete it out later if I sense you laughing, right?

Here it is then:    I warned you.   I mean, I’m hot(-per-Hub’s opinion) but I am still normal.  or not surgically altered nor is this picture airbrushed up.  {snort!   what an ego!?}

oh f&*%k.  sorry.  I don’t have the guts to post it!   I guess I do care.  whatever.      (bare with me as I argue with myself to go drink some water and then post the pic or not…. or have a beer.   and/or post or not)

Then again…  those asshole fisherdudes who were (I imagine) laughing at my husband cuz he has to go fishing with ‘the wife’ (me) reading on the back of the boat.   in my bikini.     they got to see me – why not YOU!?




  oops – this is a reflection of a dead tree branch over the greenish water.    I took a lot more pics of the water lilies…    

and here is another of Oscar with me and my new cool reading glasses that are also sunglasses.   LOVE EM!   (all of you who haven’t had your eyesight change as you get older – yet?  a pox on you all.   I so hate that my eyes don’t work anymore – I didn’t need glasses until I was brave enough to wear a bikini.)

and finally.

with thoughts that I will likely delete it out in the morning….




and I’m off to go drink some WATER and go to bed.


(this photo really makes me laugh…)

* The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.   Very Good.    I had my worries that I wasn’t going to ‘get it’ until I made it to about page 75 and it just got better and better and better and better.   It’s one of those books that almost inspires you to read all the references to other books (there are more than plenty) but honestly, I doubt I will.   Which is sad, I suppose.   I am inspired to learn more Spanish and I am very VERY glad I had at least a working nerdy knowledge of LOTR.   If you do not have a working nerdy knowledge of LOTR – skip this book.    and that is self-explanatory.   Wait a darn minute.  I somehow don’t think that is accurate.   The self part of that last sentence might make it all moot.   I mean, if it was self-explanatory, you would know what LOTR means and thus you would ‘get’ it, but if you DON’T know what LOTR means….   have I thoroughly effed this up!?   Have you read it?!



  1. I think your bikini pic could have been taken from a more flattering angle, but it still looks good from there too. 😉

    But that angle is how I see myself and I was only wondering how to capture it with my camera. Plus the sun was so bright I had little idea if it worked or not. Just playing around, ya know.

  2. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m sure you look great in your bikini. At 53 (am I really 53? sheesh!)I sill wear one. But then again, I go mostly for comfort these days and a bikini is just more comfortable. Wearing a one piece or tank-ini makes me feel like I’m swimming in my clothes!

    Enjoyed reading about your beautiful day.

    Oh, I’m not that hard on myself, really – it was more the amusing ShouldI-or-Shouldn’tI post dilemma/argument I was having with myself. at least I was amused. You are SO right about bikinis being more comfy. and it is motivation for me to walk more.

  3. Kudos to you for still having a bikini bod and being hot at 40! Maybe there is still hope for me. Your pictures are great! I love looking at them. The New England sky really is blue and the white clouds just help show it off more. 🙂

    SSShhhhh! I’m older than that… silliness, it is! When not raining, the sky has been such a marvelous blue of late.

  4. Those photos are so fun! I like imagining the calendar flipping pages and the newspaper spinning. That boat trip with your husband really did produce some artistic inspiration! Thanks for not deleting any before I got to look. 😀

    ah, thanks. I got to thinking that I really didn’t reminisce too far into the past here – just a few days! heehee.

  5. This post had me laughing. What kind of wine was that? Hey, at least you can see your feet. I couldn’t for a long time. I love the photo of the reflection in the water. I love our blue, blue skies.

    Boxed wine: Bota Box 2006 Pinot Grigio $19.99 and it is pretty good!

  6. Frickn’ awesome! LOL! What a cute lil belly you have! Makes me sick! I want one of those 😉

    You rock!

    hee hee! You ROCK, too!

  7. What a day! What super pics! What a great bikini! I love your ramblings …

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