Photo Friday: Reflections

August 8, 2008

I’m winging it once again and I’m feeling very verbal.  Which means I’m going to use this forum to yap about all sorts of crazy stuff.    Which, as I sit here and reflect on the fact that I’ve already used the word ‘which’ which might push it into overuse, I realize that our theme ‘reflections’ could oh-so be applied well to thoughts spewing forth at random.   I’m sure Jan or whoever dreamed up this theme thought it would be mirrors and light off water or some such, huh?   Whatever.

I could even have the theme wrong since I haven’t checked yet.   I’m like that – jump right in and then go see if I had it right.    sometimes I’m like that. 

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See, you might wonder if I’ve poured a bit too much Kahlua in my coffee this morning or just skipped the coffee altogether and started right into the box of wine, but no, I’m just in a good mood.   GOD THANK YOU!  I needed a good mood!  I’ve been sucky in the negativity – wallowing, I think is the word, lately.

WHAT IS TODAY?    Why it’s the 08-08-08 DAY!!!!      

August 8, 2008.   LET’S HAVE A PARTY!!!

Travel back with me seven years or so….   I managed to get a few friends and a few of their friends together for a New Year’s Brunch at a cafe inside the local art museum to celebrate January 01, 2001.   Time was set for 1:01 pm in the afternoon.    We had dessert and chit chatted and agreed to meet on Feb 02, 2002 in one year, one month’s time.     Not so many people showed up for the Feb one but I was still hoping we had a tradition starting.   

I can still remember where and what I was doing and how miserable I was feeling on the 3rd of March, 2003.    My company had just pulled me and LB into a closed door office and informed us that they were outsourcing the accounting & payroll departments and she and I would be the ONLY employees allowed to STAY.     SO, ~50 people would lose their jobs.   What a kick to the gut.   It’s harder to be the remainder than the one getting the pink slip, sometimes.   I’m been on both sides of this kind of fun more times than I care to admit.

SO, the March 03, 2003 party that was scheduled to be in a bar at 3:03 pm – didn’t happen.   I couldn’t have needed it more, but I was stunned and had to pretend all was normal.       Fortunately, or unfortunately?!   NO ONE else showed up at the bar either!   so, if I had been able to run away from work those 2 hours early, I would have sat there all alone and it would have been a different kind of feeling miserable…

I don’t remember April 04, 2004.   I had moved to Virginia by then and didn’t know anybody anyway.   I can’t recall where I was for May 05, 2005 but I remember it was a Friday and I thought it would be easy to gather a group for Happy Hour on Cinco de Mayo.   I don’t think it was.    June 06, 2006 I was in Plymouth Mass overlooking the ocean:   We were able to raise a toast for World Peace at 6:06 pm and I had my tradition resurrected!

Except, I don’t remember last year’s July 07, 2007 celebration.   Hmmmmm.     Now, it’s August 2008 and I’m celebrating with YOU.   (It’s 8:03 AM as I type this sentence!    Maybe I can post this at 8 after the hour?)

On with more reflections!

This is my nephew.   He’s about 2 yo and trying to escape my grasp while his mother ignores him; we are shopping in a JCPenneys and it’s my turn to ‘watch him’.   So we played with my camera, snapping his reflection in the mirrors:

See my hand trying to hang onto him before he zipped off under clothes racks!   OH, he had me runnin’, the little squirt.


CuriousC's avatar

So Happy August EIGHT 2000 and EIGHT!   Yours truly, Curious C



  1. That is a neat photo of your nephew. He is about the same age as my son. so i know how they like going into clothes racks it just fun for them at that age.

    Yep, all those lil kids think about is “FUN FOR ME!”

  2. Cute overload! He’s adorable.

    I’m joining in your party right hee in England with coffee & cake!!! Any excuse. LOL!

    I love your rambling ….

    Thanks Jan. I’m SO GLAD the party was so fun! Card from the Queen! and the Lord Mayor!! just a perfect little celebration, huh?

  3. […] CuriousC’s […]

  4. Such a sweet photo! My son wears me down in department stores. The last time we went to Kohl’s he ran away and I couldn’t find him for a good 10 minutes. Then suddenly he appeared and shouted, “There she is!” as if he had been looking for me in a game of hide and seek. I was nearly in tears.

    I know! They have NO IDEA how scary it is to fun away from momma! or Auntie…

    There is a Chinese restaurant opening today and they have a banner flanked by inflatable pandas that proclaims “Grand Opening 080808”. I guess it must be an auspicious day to open a business. Well, have a great day then!

    aha! AUSPICIOUS! you’ve started a trend…

  5. Happy 080808 day! If you haven’t noticed I enjoy reading your blog…it makes me smile and laugh. That picture is goooood…I remember chasing my kids around the stores when they were little and I think they are harder to keep track of now than they were when they were small, especially when they go 3 different directions. Have a great day!

    Hope you 080808 Day was a good one. Meet back here for 090909, OK?

  6. Maybe at 8:08 tonight I’ll do something auspicious. i can’t imagine what but I can imagine that I will forget anyway. Your reflections were great to read and the photo familiar of my son about 25 years ago. Let’s go to the beach soon.

    There’s that AUSPICIOUS word again… Beach won’t be next week – it’s supposed to rain on my available days… week after that!??!

  7. Great post and picture. I really liked your reflections. Your tradition sounds like a fun one even if it didn’t work out all the time. Tonight is taco night at my mom’s house and it’s also my last night at home before I head back out on the road. So consider me celebrating 08/08/08 tonight. 😉 Gave a great weekend.

    Taco Night sounds wonderful! I commented on your blog, too.

  8. Love all your “reflections”. I remember what I was doing on 7/7/7…I was in Sicily and my family was celebrating my uncle’s 77th birthday with a big bash. I written him well in advance to wish him a happy birthday all the way from Italy and to tell him I hope he enjoyed the time at his big party…

    When I got home I found out that the party was supposed to have been a surprise…a detail that nobody had told me! I ruined it! I didn’t know it at the time, so on the actual date I was just “reflecting” on what fun it was going to be.

    Moral of the story…don’t tell me about parties! 🙂

    Happy 8/8/8!

    What a GREAT story! abt 7/7/7! I hope no one was TOO mad at you for spoiling a surprise? OBVIOUSLY somebody screwed up in not telling you the what-what, right?!

  9. Wow. I’ve never really paid much attention to those dates or rather, what I was doing on those dates. I had never heard of having parties for them either but it sounds like fun and maybe I will do that in the future. Leave it to you to think of these things. Your nephew is adorable, slightly blurry, but adorable. LOL. It’s hard to catch them being still on camera at that age. 😉 Fun post!

    Tell you what Teeni: On Sept 9th, 2009, WE have a date for lunch. Shall we?! meet you half way.

  10. Ha! Ha! “his mother was ignoring him”… I can understand that. Great reflection picture of the little guy – and I’m glad to know you got your tradition back. You keep going!

    I should have written “his mother was casually willfully and enjoyingly ignoring him…” She’s my hub’s little sister and I love her – she’s one of my best friends.

  11. How very interesting. Happy 0808080808! At that moment I was actually watching the Opening Ceremonies, which was meant to be auspicious. Let’s start planning 090909! Ah, the parties are getting later and later!

    AUSPICIOUS! I probably should go look that up. Why is everyone using it?! I can almost picture you thinking ‘how very interesting….’ – But I bet you pay attention next September, huh?! will you, too, have a party on the 9th?

  12. oops..I am late is the party over? 😦

    So nice to feel your happy energy!

    Loved the image of your little nephew..two is such a fun/busy/independent age! 🙂

    Of course, it’s not too late? It’s the just the idea of it more than the minute of its happening…

  13. Very cool photo….I’m late too! Don’t know what happened to my photo, it didn’t publish!

    I saw it! You’re not late – it’s always in the right festive spirit, right? In fact, I’ll be posting some MORE reflections here soon… after I get done commenting on these comments. WHERE did that weekend go?

  14. Hey C,
    I loved how you chose the dates and went through each one – that’s an interesting way to approach memories. That must have been tough being one of two left from a whole department and yeah, I would have felt awful too. Loved the pic and I know what you mean about the speed and agility of two year olds – faster than a mongoose after a snake, eh?


    What’s up with mongooses!? I keep seeing references to these critters… are they meaningful to my life right now?!?! hmmmm.

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