Happy Centinarian

August 5, 2008

My friend Janine aka Jan aka Author aka Originator of Photo Friday over at A Curious State of Affairs… blog has a grandfather who will SOON be 100 years old.  

I offer this small tribute in his honor.    It’s a front door of a house whose number is 100 and features a beautiful angel.     I thought of him and promised to post…

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!




  1. That is just so lovely and it is so very kind of you to be so thoughtful. His birthday is on Monday August 11th and I will be sure to link this very beautiful post you’ve created to the special birthday post I have prepared for the 11th.

    Thank you soooo much!

  2. Those are great photos and I can see that Author appreciates your gesture. Very thoughtful!!

  3. 100 is a lucky number.

  4. What a wonderful gesture for her grandad… I can’t wait to lift a glass of champaigne and cheer for him here in the states!

    Yes! Let’s schedule a blogtime to do the toast and big WOO-HOO that he can hear all the way acrosss the big pond!!

  5. A unique idea! It’s a beautiful photo, and the special number is wonderful. What a creative wench you are!

    That’s me – just call me “that creative wench” – Methinks I need a costume to match… (is anybody reading these? yoo hoo, anybody out there????)

  6. Ok, that is really cool of you!

    Thanks JQ – you are really cool, too. YOu have such spirit! such zest! and go for it attitude. YOU ROCK.

  7. […] 100th birthday and has also put a wonderful celebratory picture on her blog for him. You can see it here. I particularly like the Angel – it seems symbolic of a guardian Angle for Grandad. There is no […]

  8. Hello, that is so nice. The number 100 on the one side and the angel on the other just seem to go hand in hand. What a lovely tribute. Thanks Curious C for a great picture and Author for linking this post. I’m glad I got to see this.

    hi there! I’m so glad you liked this. I like to be nice to the nice. (PS- you don’t have any lipbalms from the old days, do you? the one’s in the pot not in the tube?!)

  9. Aw, that’s so sweet and what a gorgeous door. You’re funny C – I think if we lived next door to each other we’d never get anything done but chatter. I love old doors, flowers, talking, thinking – all that jazz. We’d have fun shopping, don’t you think?


    Hey! There’s an idea…. let’s meet somewhere half way and go to some nutty (nutty in a GOOD way, of course) art fair or something?! or blogHer or… somewhere!??! that would be a hoot.

  10. […] 100th birthday celebration. He had some wonderful birthday wishes from blogger friends – thank you! CuriousC and Tina also did special blog posts for grandad – both were so thoughtful and lovely – do take a […]

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