Get a Job, Part 1 of 738

August 5, 2008

I get job announcement emails from various online career websites all the time.    Daily.     I’m only mildly interested.   I think I am just hoping that the PERFECT job will fall into my lap and tell me they need me, don’t mind if I only work 30-40 hours a week and whenever I can fit it in, offers bright and charming people to work with who love to explore new places to go to lunch and is willing to pay me lots of money.    I don’t even bother qualifying lots of money because any more is more than I’m currently making.

(I work for paychecks of the heart, ya know.)


A notice of a job about 3 miles from my house came this morning that I’m toying with the idea of applying for.    This could be good or this could be bad.    It’s possibly good because it’s a federal job.   a government job.    I sometimes wish I had been bright enough to pursue such 20 years ago back when 20 years was still what they required before getting a pension.     But to a 20 year old, all one can see is the dazzling high-paying snob jobs and that pensions are for old people.   Stupid, stupid me.

It’s possibly bad for the same reason – paperwork, tedium, – actually, any and all jobs could offer that and what I’m saying is…  INTANGIBLES make a or break a job and it’s difficult to discover those intangibles from an email job notice.

Another reason it could be a bad idea for me to apply is that I’m extremely good at getting jobs I apply for.   and then I’m stuck hating it.    So I have to be very careful what I wish for.

I suppose this doesn’t make any sense at all.    I rarely do…   make sense that is.   

Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about today and I thought I’d let you.    Happy Tuesday, C



  1. “it could be a bad idea for me to apply is that I’m extremely good at getting jobs I apply for”

    I’m the same – some people are just good at interviews and putting themselves across – so I too think very carefully before applying for a role. There’s nothing worse than changing your mind after the job offer – it’s so embarassing!

  2. Ah, HAHA! I know that feeling of getting the jobs and then hating them. It’s too bad we couldn’t tell that when the job is actually being offered so we could just turn it down then and thank them anyway. A little precognitive power would have certainly spared me from a few short term jobs I had. But nothing explains why I stayed so long at the other jobs I hated. LOL. But, seriously, I’ve seen many people accept a job and then leave it again after a couple of weeks. I don’t think that is necessarily bad as many positions come with a probationary period. And is still early enough that the company can easily resume the search for an applicant so if you’re not sure, then take the job. You can always leave it. Massachusetts is an at-will state so that should work both ways, not just for the employer.

  3. I agree with Teeni, the probationary period of a job should work both ways, it should be such that if you don’t like you don’t have feel anxiety about quitting after two weeks. But it doesn’t work that way, and I’ve quit new jobs that I didn’t like and had my boss just look at me with disgust, as if I was dirt. 👿

    That said, if you think this job opportunity might interest you I’d give it a shot. I know you like to do volunteer work, so I’m guessing you work well with others, and this job might actually turn out to be something you like. I’ve stayed at some jobs for the sole reason that I enjoyed my co-workers and they made it all worthwhile.

    And here’s my “volunteer” rant. I’d love to do volunteer work, specifically I’d like to work in some volunteer capacity on a Native American Indian reservation. The problem is it’s not easy for an outsider to be accepted. Otherwise I’d be there in a heartbeat. I’m kind of a radical on this subject, it’s the one political issue I feel passionately about. I wish we’d stop spending money in Iraq and pour a few million dollars into our indigenous people. I think we owe it to them, and if you ever saw some of the poverty they’re living in…well, it’s just outrageous in my opinion. Okay I’ll shut up now.

    NO, Wendy, thank you! Talk about it! You are passionate about this – talk it up some more.

  4. In times like this, having a federal job is a blessing. Go for it!

  5. Three miles away? Go for it! Think of the money you’ll save on gas. At today’s prices, it will probably add up to that government pension you missed out on pretty darn quickly. 🙂

    The location is appealing, no doubt!

  6. Hey C!
    I dunno…government job? Have you ever met a government worker? YOu don’t really seem to fit the profile because well, for one thing you have a pulse and for another you still have the muscles that can support a smile. Why not go into business for yourself? The hours are great, the staff is divine and you can go to lunch whenever you want. The money part can kind of suck but heck with all the other intangibles it could be worth it.

    Annie, you are so awesome – I can tell you give such true thought power to your response – it’s like you are sitting right next to me. Don’t worry about me. I have tried to be all-entrepreneiouoiduoisufoiudtaitjlekjtrial ( I just CANNOT spell nor pronounce that word – nor BE it) and I’m not good at it. Really. I’m all about the feel good intangibles, though. I’ve got issues but I can work through them… I think. Most of the time. aNyway, THX, “C”

  7. MY mouth is Shut 🙂

  8. but my fingers arent 😉

    LOL – you DO what you gotta do, my friend!

  9. The benefits would be nice.
    If it sucks, it sucks.
    I wouldn’t worry about quitting.
    Do what ya gotta go. 😉

    Hi Peter! and I apologize for not yet commenting on your blog… You leave me quite speechless over there, you do…

  10. Makes perfect sense to me. 🙂 One should never be hasty with such decisions.

    Good and creative energies to you!

    Thank you, THANK YOU. I’m thinking about applying just to work through those muscles again. And we’ll see what happens. It’s a temp job but I might like it. or I might not get it. Just see what happens…

  11. Comments aren’t required over there. If I leave you speechless I get a feeling of accomplishment and it’s just less for me to do. 😉

    And I admire your attitude! I need to learn how to get that feeling of accomplishment, that pride in a job welldone no matter what the ‘job’ – like breathing? I did a fabulous job breathing yesterday!

    Early in my blog-adventure, someone told me they always comment ‘Rock On’ when they don’t know what to say. So here’s my ROCK ON MR PARKOUR! for you…

  12. Hey Curious C, my blogoversary question for you today is “Did you apply for this job or not?” Happy blogging anniversary! Rock on!

  13. […] FightingWindmills (who inspired me to buy some headbanks…) had asked if I had applied for that government job from Part 1.      And the final answer is…  NO.   I thought I had a deadline of the […]

  14. I’m 43 and left a well paying position in July ’08 on the east coast because my mom was dying of cancer. I moved back to the west coast to spend whatever time was left with her and my mom passed in late Nov ’08. Since that time I am in the process of a very sad divorce and moved to a new city with no friends or job to start over. To find my passion and not settle. To learn for the first time that it’s ok to feel lonely and that it’s ok to be afraid of the unknown.

    I’m just wondering if anyone thinks I’m insane to be turning down job offers when I know in my gut/heart that the job is not right for me. I am a responsible adult with no debt and have over one year of living expenses saved.

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