Photo Friday: Numbers

August 1, 2008
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I have only a few minutes at this moment but will be back to explain – feel free to ask questions and I will respond.

Ok, I’m back now.   Hub is prepping to go fishing and I now have some time to myself!    

Most towns have street names that are numbers, does yours?    What is interesting about my town’s First, Second, etc – all the way through to Eighth, is that no one lives on them. 

Why not?   Because it’s a cemetery!!!     This strikes me odd in the way that a lot of things tickle my fancy and yet no one else thinks they’re funny.      What’s also cool is that one of the streets in the cemetery is called Hope’s Rest Lane.    

It was close to noon on one of those hazy days (yesterday) so even by setting my camera to bright sun setting, this looks so hot and drained of color.    I’m glad the last photo allows you to read the street signs but sad that I couldn’t crisply capture ALL of them.

Well, I guess that’s all I need to write about this.    I was just sure that I would have more to say but I’m coming up blank…     I tried to include a google map of the cemetery, too, but it keeps errorring out for some reason.   

On a totally different unrelated note, I enjoyed seeing BBKing last night in Hyannis MA.    He is just a true delight!   I was listening to him play and was thinking that he MUST be one of God’s most important angels.



  1. That is very cool photo. are street is number too.

  2. Neat! You’re the first to do written numbers!

    PS: I just got back from visiting Grandad. I read your lovely letter and card to him again – he was thrilled to receive it. Only 10 days to go until he is 100 years old – he might make it yet! Thank you for your kindness towards him – I really appreciate it.

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  4. What a neat set of pictures, I love the wreathes hanging next to the street signs.

  5. These are really cool, an excellent idea. But can you explain the top photo to me? I must be thick because I don’t see the number connection.

  6. Iveystory – I’m glad you like it!

    Jan! I will have a photo for your Grandad… on the 11th, right?

    Thanks SpatulaHandle… The wreaths are for the cemetery!

    Wendy – the first photo was my first attempt to get all the numbered street signs in a row. I didn’t even realize that I cut off the first and none of the others were readable! So, it’s a good thing I moved and shot a few nire from other angles…

  7. I used to live on 8th street, fortunately not in that cemetery but in Providence, R.I. Great idea for numbers photos.

    I’m glad you enjoyed BB King. I’ll bet that was a great concert. The Melody Tent gets some good performers.

  8. Photo for Grandad? Great! He’ll love that! 🙂
    I shall be doing a birhday celebration post for him too, to mark his 100th year.

  9. Love the street number names… I think it is funny too that they are all along a cemetary lol.

  10. This is great! Sorry it took me so long!

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